How To Transform Simple Kitchen Utensils Into Light Fixtures Homedit

tech lighting How To Transform Simple Kitchen Utensils Into Light Fixtures Homedit

tech lighting How To Transform Simple Kitchen Utensils Into Light Fixtures Homedit

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Turning mason jars into light fixtures
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How to transform simple kitchen utensils into light fixtures
Turning mason jars into light fixtures
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Diy industrial pendant lamp with rope and a cage
Light fixtures that revive the beauty of the led edison bulb
Bright office pendant lamp
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Ebb flow hanging lighting with led edison bulbs
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Turning mason jars into light fixtures

Have you ever thought that teacups could be used to make light fixtures? Well they can. These pendant lights are made with repurposed teacups and old sepia prints. Chandeliers can also be sued using the same principle.

A whisk is actually a perfect utensil which can be used for a kitchen light fixture. This piece perfectly illustrates the idea. It has an on/off switch wired into the cord and the whisk measures 12” overall. It has a candelabra socket sized bulb but you can basically use any other type of bulb if it fits.{found on etsy}.

Making your own sisal rope pendant is actually much easier than it looks. We’re also fans of more simple versions of these for parties and holiday decorating.

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Are you considering a DIY upgrade for your lighting? We’d love to hear what you like and if you’re planning to try any of these projects. Send us a message in the comments section below or on our social media sites.

This bent plywood lighting fixture is the perfect bedside lamp for minimalists and modern style lovers. Ne bedside table needed.

These are made to order and they come in a variety of colors: red, yellow, blue and black. They’re handmade items with a vintage look. You can try to make something like this yourself but you have to be careful when cutting out the bottom of the pots.{found on etsy}.

This hula hoop lamp is just the right amount of funky for a minimalist home. Plus, it’s made for $300 less than the original — which is something worth shaking your hips for.

How To Transform Simple Kitchen Utensils Into Light Fixtures

Sugar and Cloth put their own spin on the popular bulb-and-cord sconce by adding a metallic cord and simple wall bracket — which frees up nightstand space and adds height variation to your bedside scene.

What cold be better for the kitchen than a light fixture made with things like forks, spoons, food cans or other utensils? It’s a fun idea and also one with lots of possibilities. There are lots of things you could be using. So the next time you want to throw out something, think twice before you do it. Who knows…you could be throwing out your new kitchen pendant light.

Here’s an idea: this neon light bulb lamp with a concrete base. We’re pretty sure this should be on the desk of any stylish thinker.

No fan to recycle? Grab an old vase (or pick up a cheap one fron your local thrift shop) and make this modern glass pendant.

Who doesn’t have too many strands of cheap Christmas lights? These rose gold string lights give a whole new look to the green plastic look we’re used to with just a coat of spray paint. We’re betting you’ll leave them up long after the holidays.

A good-looking knot will earn you some serious style points. This DIY takes you through how to tie a monkey knot that you can add to any pendants cord.

Let’s take a look at something a little more delicate like this pendant light made from a clear pitcher from a blender. The idea is very simple. The materials used include the pitcher, a cord and a light bulb. It’s simple and chic.{found on etsy}.

Similarly, this mid-century piece is another reason to break out your toolbox. There are also endless possibilities for wood and metal combinations. We’d also love to see this look with clear bulbs.

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This is a similar piece and it;s also made with a sugar jar. Instead of a steel bowl, this time an aluminum funnel was used as a reflector. It has a clear cord with an n line switch and it works with any bulb. It’s great for the kitchen but you can also use it on the hallway or in other spaces.

The Can Lights are made from discarded and salvaged Heinz Beans cans and Campbell’s Soup cans. They’re colorful and appropriate for the kitchen. They would look good in a rustic home but also in a modern kitchen.{found on designaddict}.

Want something truly rustic? How about a pendant light made from a meat grinder? It’s a decorative and statement piece made of black steel and with black textile cable accents. The height is variable. You can order the piece for $96 on etsy.

Forget about the pendant light made from a blender pitcher. This is a lamp which used the whole blender. It’s a fun piece which you can use as a mood light in the kitchen. The on/off switch is the actual switch on the blender.{found on etsy}.

Want to upgrade your interior without paying top dollar for designer pieces? Looking for a project to brighten the weekend? These DIY light fixtures will shine a whole new light on your style.

This is a large colander salt shaker chandelier and, as you’ve probably guessed already, it was made from a large colander about 16” across and it has 7 salt shakers inside. Each one can take any kind of light bulb you prefer.{found on etsy}.

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These beautiful nesting bowls got a true design flip to become pendants. We like the design (and shadows!) cast by the cutouts in the material, but any style bowl would work to create a dramatic look.

Here’s how you can repurpose a grater in the kitchen: take a piece of wood and use graters as lampshades. Figure out a way to add the socket and wires. You can decorate the light fixture as you want once it’s done.

Constructing this mid-century is definitely no walk in the park, but your hard work will definitely pay off with this stunning centerpiece for any room.

While this piece looks like a regular pendant light, it hides a secret. It’s made from a vintage Tupperware mold. It has a lovely mint green color and it’s a perfect accessory for a retro kitchen. You can purchase it for $55 on etsy.

This pendant light is made from a recycled milk bottle and it has a simple, industrial-looking design. It would look good in a rustic, country-style kitchen but it’s simple and versatile enough to also be used in other types of decors as well.{found on etsy}.

Another very interesting piece is this pendant light made from a stainless steel bowl and a glass sugar jar. The bowl has handles and this contributes to the overall strange design. It uses a standard socked sized bulb and it’s about 8” wide including the handles.{found on etsy}.

Tripod flood lamps have been a hit this year. This $35 DIY beats the price of the $400 Design Within Reach floor lamp it was modeled after. Besides, you can customize the legs and shade to your own color liking.

‘DIY’ and ‘concrete’ aren’t two words we often group together, but this foolproof method will have you pouring like a pro in no time. Consider these pendants for mood lighting above a bar or kitchen island.

We have all considered upgrading the traditional dome lights that builders grace homes with too many of. Channel your mid-century modern side and give the classic ceiling lamp an upgrade with this sunburst medallion light fixture.

You know that old fan sitting in the corner of your basement? This DIY shows you how to turn it into an industrial-style pendant lamp with just a few simple steps. We love the coat of neon, too.

Enter these DIY light ideas. They’re sleek and simple enough to add a modern touch to your home, and easy enough for even beginner DIY-ers to tackle as a weekend project. Some are made from unexpected items laying about your home, others from a quick trip to the hardware store. With a little elbow grease and entry level electrical knowledge, you can be on your way to a new light fixture for your home.

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Let’s start with this piece: a colander light. Forks are hanging from it but, if you want, you can make something similar and with a simpler design. Just find a way to hang it from the ceiling and to attach the socket and light bulb.{found on hutchstudio}.

When the days are getting darker, how can we make our style shine a bit brighter?

Here’s another interesting light fixture. This one is made of three metal mugs. The mugs are white and have a black rim which is a lovely contrasting accent. They hang from the ceiling and they’re clustered together, forming an interesting design.

How To Transform Simple Kitchen Utensils Into Light Fixtures Homedit