How To Use Led Lighting In Your Home 6 Steps With Pictures

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How to install led step lights in 6 easy steps
Home interior accent lighting
How To Use Led Lighting In Your Home 6 Steps With Pictures

Fit your outdoor flood lights with LED bulbs. Large halogen bulbs have long been the mainstay of outdoor security lighting, but these bulbs produce an intense amount of heat and burn out very quickly. Instead, try using LED bulbs in your floodlight fixtures.

They use less energy, which makes keeping them on all night a more sustainable solution, and they do not have to be replaced as often, which is great for hard-to-reach flood lights.

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Accent art or other architectural features with LED lighting. Another benefit of LED bulbs is that they are available in incredibly small sizes. This allows them to be unobtrusive, which is great for lighting a piece of artwork or an architectural feature without competing for attention.

The clean light of LEDs also allows the artwork to be presented as naturally as possible.

Make small shades for string lights. Paper cups with theme designs on them are perfect for making string light lamp shades. Use a utility knife to cut a small X into the bottom of the cup. Push the light through the X-slit to attach the paper cup shade in place.

Only use LED lights with this craft idea. Incandescent lights can generate enough heat to become a fire hazard near paper products. You can further dress up your cups by gluing paper with interesting designs to the outside of the cups.


LED lighting can be used as a design element in any house. It can help to light up various places like under a kitchen cabinet for example. The lights tend to be small and they cannot be seen if placed properly. LED lighting certainly comes with a large number of advantages over other types of lighting as they are energy efficient and much easier to install than other lighting solutions. This article will show you how.

Adhesives and hangers (like tape, glue, adhesive hooks, nails, etc.)

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Install LED bulbs in hard-to-reach light fixtures. One of the chief advantages of LED bulbs is their long life – often in excess of 10 years. This makes them ideal for hard-to-reach fixtures in which bulbs are a pain to replace.

This can include recessed lighting on a very high ceiling or high-hanging pendant lamps.

Use LED lighting in your heavily trafficked areas. Of course, you want to see a reduction in your energy bill to justify the high upfront cost of LED bulbs, so it makes sense to install them primarily in areas that get a lot of use.

Replacing only the bulbs in your kitchen or living room, for example, will help you get the most out of the low energy consumption of these bulbs.

Hang a net of lights in front of displays. Wall decorations, like pictures, curio cabinets, and knickknack shelves are perfect to either have a net of lights in front of or behind. This can give a kind of underwater or otherworldly appearance to your displays.

Hang two separate lines of plain string or twine above or behind your display. Pushpins, adhesive hooks, and nails work well for hanging. Run your string lights between the two plain strings, allowing plenty of the string light to hang in a loop below the plain string.

Repeat this process for another row of lights. The bottom of your first row and top of your second should be roughly the same height.[15]

Connect the ground wires from the LED lights power source to the switch box.

Are these cost effective and can they be used with dimmer switches?

Make sure to turn off all power before doing any electrical work. Not doing so is dangerous for you and can damage your LED lighting if you haven’t wired it properly to the point where it no longer functions.

Create DIY flower lights. With a pair of scissors, cut cupcake wrappers in the shape of simple flower petals. You might want to flatten the wrapper first and use a pencil to trace a flower petal design.

After that, use a utility knife to cut a small X in the center of the petal design. Gently Insert a light into each X-shaped slit in the center of your cupcake wrapper petal design. By layering two petal cutouts and pushing a single bulb through both, you can add an extra pop of color to your lights.

LED lights should be used for this design. Incandescent string lights may generate enough heat to catch paper on fire.[9]

LED lights should be cost effective because they use less electricity. I don’t know about the dimmer switches, but you could inquire at a hardware store.

Make giant candy lights. Acquire semi-transparent, shiny wrapping paper or a sturdy, colored cellophane like material. Cover a section of your string of lights with a cylinder of this paper and tie off the ends with twist ties.

You may need to bunch up the paper at the middle to give it the appearance of a giant, lit up hard candy wrapper.[10] Avoid using incandescent lights for this idea, as they may generate too much heat and melt the paper or cause it to catch fire.

Three Methods:Arranging String LightsMaking DIY String Light DecorationsIncorporating String Lights with Existing DecorCommunity Q&A

Find a circuit that you are going to use for the LED lights.

Make a wine bottle string light lamp. A simple wine bottle string light lamp can be made by feeding the loose end of your lights into the bottle until it is full. Keep the plug on the outside of the bottle so you can plug it in when you’re finished.

You can create different colors in your bottles by mixing different colored lights to the bottle. You can also add tissue paper or a transparent, glossy kind of wrapping paper to the bottles to create this effect.

Short string lights with battery packs are excellent for making this kind of craft. Your local craft or hardware store should carry these kind of lights. Another option is to drill a hole through the bottom of the wine glass or even cut it off entirely and feed the string of lights through the bottom.

Manage electrical cords. Especially if you plan on using a few strings to decorate, string light cords can quickly get out of hand. Gather together multiple cords together with zip ties and binder clips.

Use adhesive wall hooks to collect together and manage wall strung lights. Even gathering together a few separate cord ends can give your light decorations a more tidy appearance. Loose cords can easy become a dangerous tripping hazard.

What’s more, if you’ve used wall hangers for your lights, these may do damage to your wall if yanked out suddenly.

Tie colored ribbons to string lights to coordinate colors. Many kinds of string lights are white in color, but even colored light can be integrated better with your existing color scheme. Simply tie ribbon that matches the color scheme of your room in between lights.

[14] For an extra dash of style, why not tie a decorative bow? You could also add suitably colored streamers or tinsel to the spaces between lights.

Cover branches or twigs in string lights. Even on a quick walk in the park or nature, you’ll likely find a few branches or twigs with character. Bring these home and clean them lightly with a damp rag and warm, soapy water.

Allow the branch to dry, then: Use a hanger (like an adhesive hook or nail) to mount the branch to a wall. Alternatively, you could stand your branch up in a corner, in a coat rack, in a large vase, or so on.

Wrap the branch in string lights to create a natural, unique, and inexpensive home string light decoration. You may want to hold lights in place with hot glue or a sturdy staple.

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Wrap furniture and items with lights. Everyday household items like mirrors, bookshelves, ornamental baskets, and so on, can be easily dressed up with lights. Simply drape or wrap the lights on the object, or attach the lights in place with things like adhesive hooks, pushpins, and tape.

[1] Be careful when using tape to attach your lights to a finished surface, like wood, a painted wall, and so on. Some tapes may damage finished surfaces. You can turn your nightstand into a combination nightstand/nightlight by wrapping lights around it.

String lights across a dresser to create mood lighting in your bedroom. Drape lights around the edges of a mirror for a whimsical touch.

Write out messages with string lights. Lights that are more flexible than your average string lights, like tube lights, are preferred for message writing. More flexible lights will be easier to write messages with.

[5] Use pushpins or adhesive hooks to outline your message on a wall. Wind your string lights around these hangers until the lights spell out your message. If you’re worried the pushpins might do too much damage to your wall, use a thin piece of board as a mount and use pushpins, nails, or a similar hanger to outline the message.

Wind the lights around the hangers, then attach the board to a stud.

Create a photo display with strung up lights. String up lights between adhesive hooks, nails, or a similar kind of hanger. After the lights are in place, attach photos in between lights with clothespins to make a string light photo display.

[2] If you aren’t ready to invest in picture frames, this is an inexpensive and charming way of displaying your favorite pictures. Instead of pictures, you can also hang up old postcards for a travel theme.

If you want to install a switch box, you can use your telephone jack’s existing electrical outlet for example. Install a dimmer switch in order to be able to control the amount of light that your LED lighting produces.

Don’t necessarily consider LED lighting as just a low cost replacement for incandescent light bulbs. It opens up all sorts of new possibilities, not least because the bulbs don’t give off heat and can therefore be placed in otherwise unusable locations.

Bear in mind though that because LEDs tend to be extremely bright they are is often best used indirectly.

Find somewhere to put the electrical source for your LED lighting. Ideally, this will be hidden somewhere like in a kitchen cabinet.

Wrap seasonal items in lights. This technique works great no matter what season it is. Lawn ornaments, like flamingos and garden gnomes, can be bordered or wrapped with string lights to create a mystic garden.

Unused wire wreaths can be wound with string lights to make a dazzling display.[12] Get creative with your seasonal decorations. Even decorative jars can be turned into fairy jars. All you need to do is insert some lights.

[13] At a family reunion, you might line the underside of tables with lights to give a soft, relaxed, diffused glow to the scene. Try wrapping battery-operated string lights around a wreath. Wrap chairs or trees with string lights in the summer to illuminate your backyard.

Semi-transparent, glossy wrapping paper (or similar colored cellophane material)

String lights are a relatively inexpensive purchase that can really add to the atmosphere of your room or home. They can soften the ambiance of a room, highlight certain features, or add a magical touch to an otherwise normal space. There are many ways you can arrange your lights, including doing things like wrapping household items or writing out a message with them. You can also make DIY decorations, like a festive vase lamp or flower lights. You can even incorporate string lights into existing decor by wrapping seasonal items with them or tying colored ribbons in between bulbs.

Decorate your bed with lights. If you have a canopy, wrap the canopy frame with lights and allow the ends to trail down into the canopy fabric, or you can wrap the canopy fabric around the lights so that the lights are glowing through the fabric.

Even if you don’t have a canopy, you can wrap the corner posts of your bed to give cozy, gentle glow to your bedroom.[6] To create a unified color scheme, you may want to match the color of lights that you string up with your comforter, blankets, and so on.–CFL-and-other-Green-Lighting-Options

Turn on the circuit and test your new LED lighting. Everything should work fine if you have connected the wires properly.

How do I use led lights in making a moving photo, like a swimming fish or a waterfall?

Arrange string lights in interesting shapes. Arrange pushpins or adhesive hooks on a wall in the outline of a shape, like a tree, a cloud, snowman, or whatever you desire. After that, wind your string lights around the pushpins or hooks so the lights take the shape of your design.

[4] When using pushpins, try to use as few as possible. Using too many may leave behind unsightly holes in your wall when you take them down. Use different colored strings of lights to highlight certain features, or to give color and definition to your string light designs.

Arranging a string of lights in a shape would make a great nightlight for a child’s bedroom.

LED bulbs are ideal for outdoor holiday lighting. They produce little heat, which reduces the risk of fire, and they use little energy, which reduces the risk of an electrical overload. Because LED bulbs do not have delicate filaments that can be shaken loose through vibrations, they are ideal for homes with creaky flooring, heavy foot traffic, or other sources of vibration.

Drill as many wholes as you need to get the wiring through (assuming you have decided to put the power source in the kitchen cabinet).

However, the harsh, sterile light of early LED bulbs and their high price tag can dissuade homeowners switching over totally to LED lighting for their home. You can enjoy these benefits without spending a hefty amount of money by taking the following steps.

Get the electrical wire from your circuit box and feed it to the place where your power source is.

Mark your placement. Now you have to mark the whole placement for your LED lighting so that you know exactly where the wiring will have to be.

Pick your location. The very first step of installing LED lighting is to decide where you want to put them. Many people prefer to place such lighting under kitchen cabinets, but you can think of more unusual places such as behind paintings for example.

Everyone is familiar with LED lamps. It is the light-emitting diode, which glows on your household gadgets when they are switched on. LED has long been used as indicator light. Now it is gaining popularity as source of light for homes, offices and other places. In comparison to other options like incandescent bulbs, fluorescent or even CFL bulbs they consume drastically low energy. They last much longer and produce negligible amount of heat.

Improve your task lighting using LED bulbs. LED bulbs typically provide a clean, bright light that is sometimes criticized against the warm glow of incandescents. However, this clean light makes LED bulbs ideal for task lighting.

Consider using LED bulbs to light your desk or kitchen workspace, where they can actually reduce strain on your eyes by providing bright and clear lighting.

Craft a light buddy from a milk jug. This is a great craft for kids. Take a clean, empty milk jug and use markers to draw a face onto the front of the jug. Feel free to add more features to your light buddy, like string for hair at the top of the jug, buttons for eyes, and so on.

Then insert string lights into the jug. Be sure to leave the plug end accessible.[11] Most special features can be added to your light buddy with hot glue or a suitable general purpose glue.

Make easily movable lighting with large bulb lights. Large bulb string lights are usually smaller than a traditional light bulb, but the bulbs are about the size of a child’s fist. These easily add a classy, glitzy, slightly antiquated atmosphere to virtually any space.

Drape large bulb lights for furniture or fixtures (like sills, ledges, and so on) to create inexpensive, enchanting lighting.[3] If you like variety, this technique might be perfect for you. You can easily move large bulb string lights around your home whenever you feel like a change.

You should be able to find this style of light at most big box stores like Walmart, Target, and so on. Try using large bulb lights in your bedroom, office, or a walk-in closet.

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Mix string lights with trinkets in a glass vase. This is a great way of making a festive lamp for a special occasion. Frequently, this design uses Christmas ornaments mixed with string lights in a vase, but you can add whatever you please.

Some examples of festive lamps you might consider making include:[8] Easter eggs and miniature rabbits mixed with lights. Shamrocks, gold coins, and other St. Patrick’s Day trinkets with lights. Fabric in the color of your home team, a home team pennant, other small home team paraphernalia, and lights.

Be careful not to place the string lights next to anything that could melt or catch fire, such as tissue paper or chocolate candies.

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Connect the LED lighting to the wire from your lighting source. Make sure to connect the wiring correctly in order to avoid various issues with your lighting.

Always use hot glue with caution. It becomes very hot, and can burn you if used improperly or without proper supervision. Avoid leaving the lights plugged in for too long because it is a fire hazard. Check to make sure that the lights you are using are appropriate for where you want to use them.

Some are meant for indoor use, while others are for use outdoors, and you can use some lights indoors and outdoors.

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