Indoor Lighting Design

tech lighting Indoor Lighting Design

tech lighting Indoor Lighting Design

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Indoor lighting
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The importance of indoor lighting in interior design home interior design ideas http
Indoor lighting

INAHO lighting, by Tangent: INAHO is an interior lighting device inspired by a golden ear of rice slowly swaying in the wind. The products’ 3 mm wide stem is made of carbon fiber and LED covered. A golden perforated tube is attached to its end, which creates light in dots reminding us of paddy rice. Human-detection sensors are embedded at the base and when someone goes by the INAHO, it begins to sway towards them. Dozens of INAHO would create a design of a landscape that responds to people, which will make an attractive hall or corridor. By extracting the characteristics from an ear of rice and representing them with minimal elements, Tangent approached a novelty, nature-oriented familiarity product.

Lincoln Square Synagogue has won several awards. The three most recent are the 2016 SARA New York Design Awards and the 2016 International Lighting Design Award for Radiance.

In this post, we show you the five most original examples of indoor lighting. The first one is Bershka’s shop in Berlin, Germany; the second one, a shopping center in Bulgaria and the third is a minimal project by Tangent that can turn your hall or corridor into a landscape. The last two are indoor design projects for you to delight yourself.

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Founded in 1964, the 52.000 square feet Lincoln Square Synagogue exterior and interior centers on the symbolic perception that the five books of the Torah provide the essence to the architectural form. Jewish symbolic references and inspirational imagery played a powerful role in its design.

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Since 1837, Tiffany’s has been synonymous with luxurious jewelry. The brand’s most known for its diamond engagement and celebration rings. Their flagship Melbourne store on Collins St. displays some of Tiffany’s most magnificent creations. The store’s interior lighting design bears the stamp of TSC Design.

This was the chosen decoration for Bershka Berlin opening. The chosen concept was “Colours of Light” where the design, development and installation have all been planned by Alex Montiel Design Studio. In the picture below, you can see how the lamps play with the shop’s lighting to reflect the colors both on the floor and ceiling. In the boys’ clothing section, they have played with the idea of black holes.

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Food Courts! Galleria Burgas Shopping Center by Lighting Design Lighting Design Collective (LDC) created an immersive lighting experience for Galleria Burgas Shopping Center in Bulgaria, with light and color to redefine the space ambiance. The Galleria Burgas complex follows a traditional rectangular layout, with a looped internal avenue that links together the two ‘court’ spaces positioned at opposite corners of the site. LDC’s scheme uses a ‘holistic branding’ approach – a coherent lighting ethos applied to the whole development that creates a comfortable ambiance in which visitors become involved. This overall scheme is then adapted to suit the different uses within each individual zone. The visitors’ experience at Galleria Burgas was envisioned as a ‘voyage’ through space, with points of discovery and surprising visual twists built in along the way to trigger a subtly shifting emotional response. In practice, this means integrating all aspects of the architecture and lighting design into a seamless whole. LDC began with the daylight design for the project, strategically placing skylights to create particular daylight and sunlight effects. For example, in the food court areas, circular skylights with a decorative timber cone were added. LDC have also ensured that flexibility was part of the lighting design, enabling the operator to transform the key public areas quickly and inexpensively using the existing backlit surfaces only by switching the light projectors and colored lights. The project lighting also meets the LEED Gold rating requirements for sustainability and reduction of light pollution. See more here.

Indoor Lighting Design