Indoor Lighting Led Indoor Light Fixtures Bees Lighting

tech lighting Indoor Lighting Led Indoor Light Fixtures Bees Lighting

tech lighting Indoor Lighting Led Indoor Light Fixtures Bees Lighting

Modern series flush mount led integrated indoor light fixture
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High bay fixtures are ideal for industrial and commercial environments. They are specifically designed for high mounted installations to provide general ambience lighting and made to deliver very high lumen output.

Typically coming in 2×2, 2×4, and 1×4 feet sizes, troffers/panels are suited to provide illumination specifically for commercial, office, school, hospital and any other similar spaces.

Choose from 2 feet and 4 feet LED wraparound fixtures to deliver general ambient lighting for surface-mount applications. Switch from fluorescent T5HO and T8 bulbs to LED to deliver bright and even light to interior surfaces. LED linear wraparound fixtures are perfect energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting for parking structures, stairwells, storage rooms, and other utility applications.

LED area lights and shoebox fixtures can be used for general area lighting and flood lighting applications. LED shoebox lights can be arm mounted on a pole to replace metal halide and HPS shoebox lights. Shoebox area and flood lights are ideal for site lighting with their forward throw distribution and wide beam angles. Commercial LED flood lights produce high output light for larger areas like stadiums, docks and arenas. Traditional LED flood lights are used for smaller scale accent and wall wash lighting.

Choose from a huge selection of LED strip lights for commercial, retail and residential purposes. LED linear strip lights and shop lights come in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K color temperatures. LED strip light fixtures come in 2 feet, 4 feet and 8 feet.

Wet location fixtures are built with vapor tight housing to protect the light source from water and dirt. Wet Location fixtures are ideal for car wash operations, tunnels, stairwells and parking garages.

Outdoor LED wall sconce fixtures are decorative and lower lumen alternatives to LED wall packs. LED wall sconce lights can be mounted on pillars and above doors to add to the design of the area. These LED fixtures come in various color finishes and have both uplight and downlight directions to add to the decorative aspect.

LED stairwell lights are wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted linear fixtures designed for lighting in corridors, hallways, bathrooms and stairwells. Commercial stairwell lights have a built-in occupancy sensor that activates the light when motion is detected. LED stairwell fixtures can be installed in parking structures, office buildings and other commercial low-traffic areas.

Built for general purpose ambient or task lighting applications. These strip/wraparound fixtures provide surface mounted lighting and can be made to easily mount to a wall or ceiling.

LED dusk to dawn lights have a built in photocell to detect low light levels and automatically turn on the fixture. LED dusk to dawn fixtures can be area lights, barn or yard lights, wall packs, street lights or flood lights. The photoelectric sensor removes the need to turn the fixture on or off manually, reducing maintenance costs.

LED vaporproof fixtures are specifically designed for environments where protection from dust, moisture, flammable materials or gases, and larger objects is required. Choose from ceiling mounted or wall mounted fixtures.

Choose from a huge selection of LED commercial lighting from Bees Lighting. Commercial fixtures include high bays, recessed troffers, flat panels, strip lights, wraparounds, wet location and vaportight fixtures, refrigeration and cooler lights, recessed downlights, and LED lamp ready fixtures.

LED hanging work lights and temporary high bays are used in job sites and construction areas that need lighting for a limited duration. LED temporary lights are convenient to move around and install in various locations around the work area. These caged lamps come in either individual fixtures for small sites or LED light strings for larger areas and higher lumen requirements. Temporary job site lighting is also ideal for road work, building construction and tunnels.

LED retrofit kits for strip lights are cost-effective solutions to replace fluorescent T8 and T12 channels with LED linear strips and diffuser kit. LED retrofits come in 4 feet and 8 feet strips and can be mounted directly to existing fixtures.

Keep roads and streets bright and safe with LED roadway lights. These LED street light fixtures come in Type II, Type III and Type IV distributions depending on the required area to be covered. LED rural street lights are small scale area lights for residential streets to replace 100W metal halide street lights. Higher wattage LED roadyway fixtures replace up to 400W metal halide lights. Get high quality street lighting from LED fixtures.

LED security lights are flood light fixturs with a built in photocell sensor or motion sensor. LED security light fixtures with photocell light up automatically at night and turn off in the morning. These are ideal for building facades, parking areas, entryways and doorways. LED security lights with motion sensor option are activated when movement is detected within the sensor range. These are used for alleys, garages and driveways.

Choose from a huge selection of LED outdoor lighting fixtures from Bees Lighting. Illuminate outdoor areas with LED wall packs, area lights, roadway lights, ceiling and canopy lights, flood lights, dusk to dawn area and security lights, billboard and signage lighting, and landscape lighting. LED outdoor fixtures replace traditional metal halide and HPS fixtures for more energy efficient adnd cost effective lighting solutions. Shop by 2700K, 3000K, 35000K, 4000K, and 5000K color temperatures. LED outdoor lights can be used for a variety of applications like site lighting, building facades, landscaping, street lighting and security lighting.

LED outdoor ceiling lights can be used for multiple ceiling applications. LED ceiling canopy lights are surface mount or recessed lights for outdoor canopies like covered walkways, waiting areas, train platforms and under highways and bridges. LED parking garage fixtures are used for indoor parking structures and can be surface mount or pendant mount. LED gas station fixtures are used for petroleum canopy applications.

LED commercial strip lights come in 4 feet and 8 feet linear fixtures. LED strip lights can be surface mounted with a junction box or suspended mount with hook and chain or pendant. Replace 1-lamp, 2-lamp, 3-lamp and 4-lamp fluorescent T8 bulbs for more energy and cost savings. These linear fixtures are ideal for groceries, convenience stores, warehouses, stairwells and other commercial applications.

Choose from different heights and shaft sizes for lighting poles. Poles are built with 7 gauge or 11 gauge depending on the requirement. Square poles are used for mounting area lights, street lights and flood lights for up to 30 feet or more. Other mounting accessories include pole adapters for round poles, wall brackets for wall mounting, mounting arms, horizontal tenons, vertical tenons and bullhorn brackets.

LED ready fixtures can be used to replace existing fluorescent T5 or T8 lamps with LED T8 tubes. Choose from 1-lamp or 2-lamp strip channels. LED T8 tubes are more efficient than fluorescent and provide longer rate life than regular bulbs.

T8 ready fixtures are set-up to be customized by the installers and adopt the energy saving benefits of LED technology. They can come in strip, wet location, and high bay types.

LED bulk head fixtures are architectural wall mounted lights ideal for wet location and rough service applications. LED bulkhead lights are vandal-resistant for indoor and outdoor extreme environments. Bulkhead fixtures come in rectangular, oval and round shapes and feeature a nautical-inspired design. These fixtures can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

LED shop lights are 2 feet, 4 feet or 8 feet linear fixtures for low ceiling applications in commercial and retail spaces. LED shop lights are designed for suspended mounting using a hook and chain. These fixtures can be used for garage areas and work stations.

Specifically designed to work in applications such as stock rooms, cold storage, and coolers, these innovated and environmentally friendly LED refrigeration fixtures provide lighting solutions to lower utility bills and minimize maintenance concerns.

LED downlight commercial lighting provide lighting solution for new construction applications including offices, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and other buildings that want to reduce maintenance and energy consumption without sacrificing quality of light.

LED wall pack fixtures range from tradtional wall packs with full glass or cut off features, decorative wall packs, doorway lights, dusk to dawn wall packs, rough service wall packs and LED retrofit bulbs. Wall pack lights are installed on the side of buildings for area and perimeter lighting. Outdoor LED wall packs have photocell and motion sensor option to be used as dusk to dawn and security lights.

Bees Lighting is the leading supplier of top brands including Lithonia, Cree, Maxlite, and RAB Lighting.

Indoor Lighting Led Indoor Light Fixtures Bees Lighting