Indoor Lighting Solutions Ge Lighting Europe

tech lighting Indoor Lighting Solutions Ge Lighting Europe

tech lighting Indoor Lighting Solutions Ge Lighting Europe

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GE’s Lumination™ Linear Suspended is an LED luminaire unlike any other, a ground-breaking design that changes the face of retail lighting. Slim and sleek, its innovative vertical form delivers a unique light distribution that opens the door to significant improvements across the in-store environment, while at the same time delivering the market-leading efficiences for which the entire range of GE Lumination™ LED Luminaires is renowned.

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High efficiency: 90 lm/W 33% reduction in number of luminaires Clear upgrade path from traditional LFLs Reduce energy costs Reduce carbon footprint / CO2 emissions 50,000 hour rated lifetime Reduced maintenance costs

For industrial and commercial environments, the use of appropriate illumination systems is essential for profitable growth, greater safety in the workplace, improved productivity and reduced error and reject rates. The design of the “most appropriate illumination system” is not limited to easily quantifiable aspects (energy savings, efficacy, etc.), but must also pay heed to qualitative aspects, such as visual comfort and the appearance of the installation.

Current, powered by GE blends advanced energy technologies like LED and solar with networked sensors and software to make commercial buildings and industrial facilities more energy efficient and productive.

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Watt / m² Estimator Compare the watts per square meter for two different lighting systems. Lighting Layout Estimator Estimate the number of luminaires needed to light an area. Luminaire Replacement Calculate the number of luminaires you’ll need with replacement lamps.

Uniform light distribution Modern aesthetic Sleek and slim design Integrated dimmable capability   (1-10V & DALI)

We’re transforming the way people experience light. New Lumination™ LED Luminaires from GE will redefine the art of illumination, heightening the personal understanding of any space, any time of day.

Building on a reputation for quality and excellence that dates back to Edison’s first electric light bulb, GE brings a depth and breadth of expertise that’s unsurpassed in the lighting industry. Advanced engineering and rigorous systems testing ensures each GE LED luminaire will perform beautifully with unwavering dependability throughout the years. Our revolutionary Lumination LED Luminaires usher in a new era of general lighting with the styling, efficiency and performance you desire. Now, that’s lighting re-imagined. More than an innovation, these products will represent the dawning of a new era in lighting where previous design limitations are transcended and a rejuvenated spirit emerges. We’ve taken LED luminaires to the edge, and re-imagined what lighting can be. GE Lumination® LED Luminaires transform ambient lighting into an exquisite balance of refined appearance and superior efficiency. When illuminated, the panels deliver exceptional uniform light to the space and while off they appear completely free of a visible light source.

Indoor Lighting Solutions Ge Lighting Europe