Ka Lamp S Modern Wooden Table Lamp Furniture Woodendot

tech lighting Ka Lamp S Modern Wooden Table Lamp Furniture Woodendot

tech lighting Ka Lamp S Modern Wooden Table Lamp Furniture Woodendot

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The largest in the Ka family it’s a standing floor lamp that radiates ambient light. Its simple and elegant lines are drawn from an elegant structure of cylindrical beech wood slats, in the shape of a tripod and joined together by a leather cord. At the top of the pole there is a large metal screen that filters light through a natural cotton diffuser that generates warm and welcoming spaces.

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Matte finish Clean with damp cloth Easily assembled with help from the included manual Delivered in a flat package

Our Ka XL It is a wooden tripod floor lamp of Scandinavian design, with pure and simple lines that can be perfect decorative furniture for any space in addition to being functional and practical. The lamp is delivered in a flat and disassembled box taking up little space, so less fuel is used during transport. In this way, among others, we play our part to make a more sustainable world. The assembly is simple, it requires joining the mast to the two legs thanks to some notches in the wood with the help of a screw, and in addition the leather cord covers this union, making it even more resistant and safe.

It comes in two versions. The Essential version is a perfect version for people looking for a design lamp that fulfills its main function, that is, simplicity and minimalism. The Functional version, following the same design line, adds an extra practical function, has a natural leather tray ideal to use as storage.

Complementing our lamps section we have the Etna collection, composed of wooden candle holders of different sizes and finishes with a nature-inspired design. The design is clean and minimalist, its elegant lines come from a cone of solid real wood painted with curved shapes, referring to the lava that flows down the side of an erupting volcano. Within the family we find two different models. On the one hand, we have floor candle holders, ideal to decorate a room providing an intimate and warm atmosphere. On the other hand, we have the Etna Mini, a set of three perfect wooden candle holders to decorate shelves or tables giving them a touch of color and light.

The wooden table lamp comes in a slim and light package of small dimensions, in which the lamp will be disassembled, but thanks to its intuitive instructions it is very easy to assemble and in a few minutes it will be ready to shine your design home.

Wooden candle holders for minimalist & modern furniture designs

Its Scandinavian and minimalist design shares the clean and pure lines of its older sisters Ka M and Ka XL, but replaces the tripod shape with a circular base from which emerges a thin and elegant cylindrical slat to which attached in the upper part is a metal screen in the shape of a truncated cone. This lamp shade has been carefully studied to have the double function of ambient and direct lighting. Its conical shape contributes to the focalization of light in its narrowest part and on the contrary, in its wide part, it favors the dispersion of light to sift the space with a dim light.

Ka M is the medium-sized of the family. It is an ideal spotlight wooden floor lamp to perform tasks that require more lighting, such as reading or drawing. Thanks to the design of the metal lamp shade, a direct and concentrated light is generated. The structure of the lamp is similar to that of the Ka XL, being able to choose also between the Essential and Functional finishes.

Ka XL is a wooden tripod floor lamp, its three legs make it stable and safe. It is very easy to assemble, you just have to join the mast to the legs through some grooves in the wood. In addition, the union is reinforced with a leather cord that covers said union, providing rigidity and style. The Ka XL consists of two different versions, if you are looking for a minimalist design the Essential is the one you want. If in addition to a clean and careful design, you are looking for an extra point of practicality, the Functional version is the right one for you, because thanks to its natural leather tray you can also use it as storage.

It’s a wooden floor lamp of 195cm in height, 50cm deep and 65cm wide. Its large size is perfect for using the Ka XL as the main ambient light in the living room. Its diffuser generates an intimate atmosphere where you can relax.

This table lamp is available in white or black finish. Colours that make the product fit in any space with elegance and personality.

The Ka S It’s a wooden table lamp of 23cm in diameter and 37cm in height. Its compact dimensions and its weight of only 1 kilogram, make it perfect to be used anywhere as a side lamp. It is ideal to use as a bedside lamp, since it generates ambient light to achieve a warm and intimate atmosphere, but at the same time generates direct light to see clearly all the objects that are on the bedside table.

The Ka S incorporates a metallic shade in the form of a truncated cone that has a double function. The upper face sifts the light through a natural cotton diffuser. The lower face concentrates and distributes the light directly, directing it downwards, illuminating the base and the products that are in it.

At Woodendot, experts in modern furniture design, we have created a collection of modern wooden lamps with different classifications, each of them covers a need but all follow the same line of modern design, complementing each other. In the design of this collection we have maintained the same philosophy as in the rest of our products; wooden and minimal furniture with a modern design.

Our lamps are very substantial, since they are responsible for shaping the light. With them we can create different types of lighting, highlight objects or help us when carrying out an activity. There are numerous lighting possibilities within the household, so it is important to identify our needs and choose the type of lamp that best suits them.

The smallest of the Ka family it’s a wooden table lamp that is distinguished by its simple and elegant lines that enhance the curvature of its beech wood base, ideal for placing small objects. From its base emerges an inclined mast that incorporates a detail of natural leather in its bottom part.

The Ka XL lamp is a wooden floor lamp and is the largest in the family. Thanks to its natural cotton diffuser, it radiates perfect ambient light to generate intimate and welcoming spaces.

The lighting is a key element, it helps us understand the environment through sight,

this being the sense with which we perceive a greater amount of information.

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We can create different types of modern lightning such as floor reading lamps or modern table lamps

The Ka XL has two versions, Essential or Functional. Essential has a minimal character and Functional has a more practical and unique character, as it includes a natural leather tray and a touch of color on its legs. Both variants are available in white or black finish.

Both Ka XL versions can be purchased in two different finishes. On the one hand, we have the finish where the texture of the beech wood is mixed with the black color and on the other hand the same natural beech wood is mixed with the black color. Both finishes are elegant and sophisticated, giving a differential touch to the space where they are placed.

Ka S is a wooden table lamp. It is ideal for use as an auxiliary lamp. Its design follows the line of the previous ones, but replaces the tripod with a circular base-tray with minimalist style. It has two types of lighting, above the lamp shade we find a natural cotton diffuser to sieve the light, thus generating ambient lighting. However, the lighting below is direct, emphasizing the objects that are placed on the tray. This is very useful if it is used as a bedside lamp.

Ka Lamp S Modern Wooden Table Lamp Furniture Woodendot