Kitchen Led Lights Install Ideas For Your Kitchen Instyle Led

tech lighting Kitchen Led Lights Install Ideas For Your Kitchen Instyle Led

tech lighting Kitchen Led Lights Install Ideas For Your Kitchen Instyle Led

How to install led strip lights on drop down ceilings
Under cabinet lighting the most popular use for kitchen led
See the pictures below which show stunning under plinth lighting results using our warm white 5w led tape
How to install led strip lights under kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets
How to position your led strip lights
In cabinet lighting another under kitchen cabinet lighting is this white led light
Kitchen plinth led lights because the driver isnt stowed in the plinth this approach can be very useful if youre installing more than one strip of led
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We used the same lights as above but ordered directly from inspired led under cabinet under cabinet lightingkitchen
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Colorbright white series led strip light
Led plinth lighting rgb strips
Fig 7 leds under cabinet with no lip
Kichlers new led tape light fits just about everywhere
Kitchen plinth led lights because the driver isnt stowed in the plinth this approach can be very useful if youre installing more than one strip of led
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If youre looking for advice on dimmable led lights this page will explain some of the most effective methods you can use
How to install led strip lights under kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets

For RGB LED tapes, we have the perfect DMX, wireless remote controllers, wall controllers and other options for any colour-changing application. You can visit our website’s controller product page to find out more.

Even though your garden isn’t really part of the house, it can still benefit from an imaginative LED tape installation. You can draw focus to feature areas of the garden, such as a water feature – or you can simply highlight the edge of your garden footpath in the evening. As with porch and bathroom LED light projects, you should use waterproof IP67-rated LED tape and transformers for all outdoor installs.

All of InStyle’s kitchen LED lights can be dimmed (or managed by a controller in the case of RGB LED tapes). For single-colour LED tapes, we at InStyle have dimmable transformers, wireless remote dimmers, receivers or rotary wall dimmers for all your dimming projects. Please visit our dimmer product page for more information.

The kitchen is probably the most popular single location for LED tape installations in the home. Kitchen LEDs can provide both practical working light or aesthetically pleasing feature illumination, when mounted under cabinets or at ground level as plinth lighting.

The most popular use for kitchen LED lights is as ‘working light’ under kitchen cabinets. This is because LED tapes have now become bright enough to replace bulky old-fashioned fluorescent tube lighting in kitchens. They can even replace LED bulbs already installed under kitchen cabinets. LED tape lighting uses far less energy that fluorescent tube lighting, and has a much longer life expectancy (up to 50,000 hours @ 70%).

Using LED tape for your kitchen LED lights gives many benefits – from its low running costs, through its compact size and flexibility, to its 50,000 hour long life.

Your bed’s headboard is a good place to install an LED tape feature in the bedroom. It will let you create a soft ambient halo effect – and if you also add a 12-volt dimmer switch to this setup, you’ll be able to control your lights and create a variety of lighting levels and effects.

The wattage and brightness that your kitchen LED lights need5W white LED tapeFeature lighting. Ideal for use as coving or plinth LED lights, to give a halo glow effect.10W white LED tapeFeature lighting.

Ideal for use above kitchen cabinet lighting as feature lighting, if more brightness is required.15W white LED tapeGeneral lighting. Ideal for ‘working’ light, under kitchen cabinets.20W white LED tapeGeneral lighting.

Usually the 15W would be enough, but 20W tape could be used under kitchen cabinet for ‘working’ light.7.5W RGB LED tapeFeature lighting. Ideal for use as coving or plinth kitchen LED strip lighting, to produce a halo glow effect.

15W RGB LED tapeHigh-power feature lighting – although it can be mixed to produce a pure white, to be used as ‘working’ light.

Our 15w kitchen LED strip lighting is just 3mm deep and 12mm wide – and comes with sticky backing tape pre-attached, for easy installation. (All of InStyle’s LED tapes are supplied with adhesive backing tape pre-attached as standard.)

Or you can turn your bathroom mirror into a focal point for the room, by fitting your bathroom LED light strips around its edge to produce a halo effect.

You could also add the lights to your cabinet surfaces, creating a halo effect.

Here at InStyle LED, we have been supplying commercial-grade LED tape lights at low prices to both end-users and trade for almost a decade. We have built a solid reputation on supplying quality, reliable LED Tape at very competitive prices. We stock all varieties of LED tape lights, and we have provided products for installation in a range of applications – from hotels to restaurants to bars to homes and more. Many of our customers have already installed our LED tape in impressive kitchen projects, for main ‘working light’ or for feature lighting, in single colours and colour-changing (RGB). But others have asked, “where can I use LED tape in my kitchen and what products and equipment will I need?”

Kitchen strip lighting can also be linked to dimmers and controllers to give you complete control. LED lights require a transformer to power them.

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Kitchens come in many shapes and sizes, and LED tape lighting may not be suitable for every one. But if you can use kitchen LED lights, they will give you stunning feature effects or fantastic general lighting with low running costs.

The pictures below show InStyle’s 7.5w RGB LED tape used in a kitchen coving. As you can see, RGB LED tape can also mix a pure white light.

InStyle can supply IP67-rated (waterproof) LED tape – perfect for bathroom LED light strips. Installed into cupboards or at floor level, a bathroom LED light array will create an appealing glow effect.

How to use LED Tape connectors Gallery How to use LED Tape connectors

Because plinth LED lights tend to be softer and less bright than your main lighting, we usually recommend our 5-watts per metre single-colour LED tapes. We can supply 5-watt tape in warm white, pure white, red, green, blue or amber colours from our warehouse. If you want colour-changing kitchen LED lights instead, we recommend our 7.5-watt tapes (choose from 12V or 24V, depending on the length of LED tape you require). These brighter kitchen LED lights will work best when hidden behind the plinth – so you can just see the light from the LEDs rather than the tape itself, giving a stunning halo glow.

See image below of InStyle’s 15W kitchen LED lights used for under-cabinet illumination.

What’s the difference between warm white, pure white and RGB colour-changing kitchen LED lights?

Lighting up a starry night – InStyle LED at The Fashion Awards Gallery Lighting up a starry night – InStyle LED at The Fashion Awards

Adding plinth LED lights to your kitchen can create a stunning feature effect. InStyle LED can cut and solder your kitchen LED lights to the specific lengths that you need for your installation. We can even solder in link-cables between lengths of LED tape, so you can install around plinth corners and other obstacles.

Warm white LED lights are an excellent choice to use within traditional interiors. Or if you have a more contemporary-style home then cool white lights may be a better colour choice for you. You should also choose the appropriate IP rating when you buy your LED tape.

Please call InStyle LED on 0116 2799083 if you have any questions regarding your kitchen LED lights. We can offer advice from start to finish, or even talk your electrician through the installation.

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As LED tape can be waterproofed to an IP67 rating, why not consider adding the tape to your porch for a more welcoming look? Or you could even install colour-changing tape, ready for the christmas holiday period!

LEDs are on show – exhibition stands by EXD Gallery LEDs are on show – exhibition stands by EXD

To achieve the best effects, you should look for places where you can hide the LED tape from view to create some striking feature lighting. Examples might include enhancing architectural features, such as alcoves, coving and the fire place. If you have a wall-mounted television then why not mount some colour-changing tape to the back of the set to throw a splashback lighting effect onto the wall behind. If your living room has bookshelves, then consider adding hidden led tape between the shelves to make them into an attractive feature.

We have all varieties of kitchen LED lights in stock for next day delivery. We can cut and solder your LED tape to the specific lengths that you require, making for a no-fuss installation. Call 0116 2799083 or email [email protected]

Be careful if you have shiny kitchen tiles because they can work as a mirror, showing the individual LED ‘dots’ of your hidden plinth LED lights shining down onto them.

IntroductionWhat exactly is LED tape lighting?Install ideas for your kitchen – plinth LED lights, under-cabinet lighting, coving lightingHelping you to choose the LED tape brightness you requireExplaining the difference between white, single-colour and RGB colour-changing LEDsWiring diagrams for kitchen LED lightsInStyle LED Introduction

For kitchen cabinet lighting, we recommend InStyle’s commercial-grade white LED tape – either 15W or 20W. Or if you prefer a colour-changing option, we suggest you should choose our 15W RGB LED tape. These higher-wattage kitchen LED lights are recommended because higher wattages produce brighter light outputs, which is ideal for under-cabinet ‘working light’; if you only want feature lighting under your kitchen cabinets, you should simply select a lower wattage LED tape instead. See the table below for a summary of which wattage you should use where.

How to install LED Tape under a kitchen cabinet Gallery How to install LED Tape under a kitchen cabinet

See the pictures below, which show stunning under-plinth lighting results using our warm white 5W LED tape.

And make sure you have the right power supply (transformer) to drive the amount of LED tape that you are fitting. Remember that you can run more than one length of tape from the same driver!

Kitchen LED strip lighting is a thin flexible light source, supplied on a reel, that can be installed almost anywhere. Each tape’s flexible PCB (printed circuit board) has many small LEDs mounted in a row, which will give a smooth effect when shining on a surface. The LEDs come in different shapes and sizes to provide different light levels. You can choose white kitchen LED lights of different shades, or colour-changing LEDs that can be wired up to a controller that lets you mix any colour of light you want.

How about we start with the heart of your house, the living room?

How to solder LED strips and cables Gallery How to solder LED strips and cables

Do you often entertain guests? Then it could be a fun touch to install colour-changing LED tapes. You could even let your guests set the colour of your lights for the night!

So we’ve decided to write a blog to answer some of these questions, to offer you some design ideas – and help you choose the right way to install your kitchen strip lights.

Are you thinking of installing LED tape, but you’re not sure where you should start? Well, we’ve come up with some great ideas for each of the rooms in your house.

RGB LED tape stands for ‘red, green and blue’. These kitchen LED lights will require a controller unit to adjust the colours that they produce by mixing the three lights. With all three colours in each LED, you can choose and set any shade you want – to produce stunning feature effects in your kitchen. Your controller will also let you set your LED tape to mix a pure white light. (But be aware that pure whites produced by an RGB LED tape are never as ‘true’ as a dedicated pure white LED tape, because they’re being mixed to achieve the effect.)

Our warm white striplights are our most popular product for kitchen LED lights.  This is because warm white LEDs look similar to the household halogen lights that many people already have installed. ‘Warm’ in colour, with tints of brown and yellow, warm white light gives a comfortable and ‘homely’ feel. Note that warm white has nothing do with temperature; it’s simply a description of the light’s colour output. (There is a recognised colour-scale that measures light colours – called the Kelvin scale. Warm white lights tend to rank around 2700-3200 Kelvins.)

Here are some of the most common places that you can install LED tape in your kitchen to great effect.

Alpine Glow – Chamonix Valley chalet installs InStyle LEDs Gallery Alpine Glow – Chamonix Valley chalet installs InStyle LEDs

What is the difference between IP and Non IP LED Tape Gallery What is the difference between IP and Non IP LED Tape

If you have coving or an area above your cabinets where you can install kitchen LED strip lighting, this can add a unique feature or provide subtle secondary lighting. We recommended 5W or 10W InStyle LED tape lights for this kind of application (or RGB 7.5W LED tape if you want RGB colour-changing lights). Kitchen LED lights of these wattages  will give you enough brightness, without being overpowering.

A 12v dimmer switch with a single-colour tape could be a good place to start with your dining room LED lighting project. This easy-to-install combination will let you adjust the ambience of your room.

Pure white LED tapes tend to give a more crisp and modern finish to a room. Sometimes called ‘cool’ whites (again nothing to do with actual temperature), they’re often installed in shops and other display locations. This type of kitchen LED strip lighting can also be used to add effective feature lighting in a contemporary home. Pure white is typically around 5500K-6500K on the Kelvin scale.

Kitchen Led Lights Install Ideas For Your Kitchen Instyle Led