Kitchen Lighting Ceiling Wall And Undercabinet Lights At Lumens

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Kitchen lighting ceiling wall undercabinet lights at lumens with regard to overhead kitchen lighting
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Kitchen Lighting Ceiling Wall And Undercabinet Lights At Lumens

The second key to kitchen task lighting is under the cabinets. This is not a fancy add-on that can be ignored, even if you’re looking to go minimal. In fact, installing undercabinet lighting is the best thing you can do to improve the functionality and environment of a kitchen. There is a wide array of various systems and fixtures that can be added on to existing cabinets, as well as fully custom rail kits that integrate your lighting and power outlets into a seamless backsplash.

This is generally where the fun comes in, with decorative fixtures often fulfilling the accent role. While we’re calling them out separately here, accent lighting does often cross categories and helps serve the purpose of ambient light, as well.

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Selecting the best lighting for your kitchen requires careful attention to the function of a light fixture. You first need to determine whether you need functional, work space lighting or more ambient fixtures. And in a space like the kitchen where task lighting is welcomed and appreciated, you will want to review the lumens of any design you are interested in to have an understanding of how bright it is. Before choosing any type of fixture, thoroughly measure your kitchen to decide how big (or how small) of a light fixture the room can accommodate. Keep in mind important sizing dimensions like height, width, depth and weight. Finally, try to choose colors and finishes of lighting that will complement existing furniture and decorative pieces in the room to create space that is consistent and cohesive. If you have any questions about the kitchen light fixtures featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Functionality is key to finding the right under cabinet fixtures. With so many options to accent your kitchen’s counters, you’ll want to take a step back and decide what is going to be the right fit for your space. You’ll find interconnecting light bars, puck lights and button lights, not to mention all of the cool accessories that go with their respective systems. The under cabinet and under counter light fixtures featured in this selection can all be direct wired into your existing electrical system. While some under cabinet lighting can be battery operated, direct wire fixtures will be easier for you to maintain. And should you need to add more to your system, a variety of connectors and the necessary under cabinet lighting hardware is available too. If you have any questions about the kitchen under cabinet light fixtures found here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

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4.8 Watt Option Fixture: H 0.88″, Dia 2.25″ 4.8 Watt Option Lens: Dia 1.5″

Description: The Bocci 14.7 Multi-Light Pendant designed by Omer Arbel is a unique fixture made from multiple cast glass spheres that create a rich halo of light. This in turn produces the effect of tiny candles encased in floating water.

Features …

This space feeds our bodies and souls, and reflects our personal style in its own unique way. It is no wonder that the kitchen ends up at the top of the to-do list when it comes to updating your home or taking on a major remodel.

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Learn More About Kitchen Undercabinet Lighting View All Undercabinet Lighting View All Kitchen Lighting

With kitchen lighting, this commonly used work space can transform into an elegant café for your home. Once the skillets are done sizzling and the food has been plated, sit down and stay a while under warm, unobtrusive lighting that offer the soothing ambiance needed for pleasant conversation and personal reflection. While most kitchen light fixtures offer bright task lighting, they retain a sophisticated, modern design that is sure to elevate the aesthetic of this often overlooked living space.

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If you have open shelving or no overhead cabinets, do not despair. Smaller, directional sconces or downlit pendants can be used in multiples to create task illumination and a dramatic design statement.

Other popular options are a pendant, or even a sconce, for providing handy accent light over a kitchen sink. This is a perfect spot to pop a practical little piece of jewelry for the room. For either a pendant or a sconce, a directional downlight provides a little extra task lighting as well.

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If you have both an eat-in kitchen and a separate, formal dining room, this takes some pressure off of the kitchen lighting since there will be plenty of light sources in the room. For the eat-in dining area, you can use something slightly more decorative or smaller than you might if this was your main light source.

Under cabinet lights are an accenting type of light that are much appreciated in modern kitchens. While most kitchens fulfill their lighting needs with overhead ceiling lights and wall-mounted lights, under cabinet and under counter systems bring bright, highly focused light to your countertops. When cooking, following a recipe or simply wanting to show off your countertops, this style of accent lighting is a go-to choice. And most under cabinet lights are LED too, helping you keep the space as energy efficient as possible.

If you have a galley-style kitchen or walkways created by an island, a single row of recessed lights that are spaced appropriately will complete your ambient lighting scheme. If your kitchen hugs the walls with nothing in the middle, you likely want to create a grid with the lighting to ensure even illumination across the space.

The kitchen is, as they say, the heart of the home. Whether it’s a weeknight in with the fam or a gathering of everyone you know, we inevitably end up huddled in this space no matter what the occasion.

Description: The high quality light output of the 6U Series 8 Inch LED Undercabinet Light offers a consistently diffused, spot-free lighting effect. The ability to switch the fixture between 2700K and 3000K allows for the ultimate in homeowner customization.

Accent lighting is where we get to play a little, with fewer hard measurements and more of a design factor than ambient and task lighting. Popular places for accent lighting include above an exposed countertop like an island or peninsula, over the main kitchen sink or over a table, in the case of an eat-in kitchen.

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Description: The WAC Lighting DUO AC-LED Color Option Light Bar delivers impressive versatility for your undercabinet space. Able to switch between a 2700K to 3000K color temperature, this easy-to-use light bar offers the option to warm or cool the ambiance of .


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This may seem like common sense, but cooking at night can be difficult without proper lighting. Still, many people find themselves in the dark. For those counter spaces left in shadow from cabinets or appliances, counter lights are ready to illuminate, thus expanding your working area to its intended, comfortable size. Many are available in LED as well, giving you an energy efficient way to brighten up the space. Look to the complete Legrand Adorne line to create a contemporary under cabinet lighting look in your kitchen. After one dinner, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without undercabinet lights! And to support a bit of versatility with your kitchen’s lighting, consider placing your fixtures on light dimmers. Dimming controls are easy to install and you’ll instantly appreciate their versatility. Lastly, pair your new light fixtures with equally stylish kitchen furniture pieces.

That’s it! Whether you’re planning an update or going for a full kitchen overhaul, the right layers of kitchen lighting will help you maximize the utility and ambiance in your space.

The heart of your home can reflect the soul of your style. Here’s how to show your kitchen it its best light.

Modern kitchens benefit from ample lighting and an under cabinet lighting system can help you ensure your space is properly lit. Kitchen under cabinet lighting can also provide a significant source of focused light to highlight elements of your kitchen counters that might be missed by a chandelier or pendant light. Whether you are looking for something decorative or purely functional to light your kitchen counters, you will find a great assortment of under cabinet fixtures here.

The key to ambient lighting is to provide a consistent light layer, and recessed lighting accomplishes this efficiently. When laying out recessed lighting in a kitchen, you’ll want to focus on areas that aren’t covered by other fixtures like pendants or undercabinet lighting. In short, think of where your feet will be, and you’ll want to ensure that space is lit.

If you are rewiring or designing your kitchen from scratch, you’ll also want to plan your controls layout. Most kitchens have more than one entry point, so make sure the most critical ambient fixtures can be controlled from both ends. If you’re not doing a massive overhaul, look to whole-home or WiFi systems that allow you to sync multiple controls without wiring them across.

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If recessed lighting is not an option, do not fret. Well-powered flushmounts can be equally effective if you choose locations that provide even lighting throughout the space.

A decorative fixture can really change the feel of a room. Don’t be afraid to use materials or styles that might pop against the rest of the room to create a playful juxtaposition. Not every fixture has to come from the same family.

Description: Named for the extended spectral ring of plasma that surrounds the sun, the SONNEMAN Lighting Corona LED Ring Pendant echoes that celestial aura. Consider in multiple groupings for a stunning visual effect of floating halos, the ambience is readily adjustable .


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Your kitchen countertop is generally your workspace, and this is where it’s most important to consider the work surface, where you’ll be and the light source above. A badly cast shadow where you need to show your knife skills can be inconvenient and downright dangerous.

For open floor plans where the kitchen opens up to the dining and living rooms, you can get a bit more grand with your decorative lighting, if you like. This will help define the dining space within the larger room and anchor the table and chairs. Go for something bold that scales with the table size but still plays well aesthetically with pendants or chandeliers in the surrounding space.

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Description: The Louis Poulsen Cirque Pendant captures the thrill and spectacle of attending the fair, sparking fond memories of carnival games and sweets with a candy-colored aluminum shade. The deep pear shape creates an attractive amount of down light, creating a .


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Description: Give your InvisiLED lighting system a bit of a boost with the WAC Lighting InvisiLED 60W Class 2 Plug-In Transformer. Able to power up to 60 feet of lighting, this transformer also features a handy on/off switch at the base …

Task lighting is one of the most critical (and most often overlooked) lighting types in the kitchen. In essence, the kitchen is a work space, and you want to make sure you have the right lighting in the right spots to enable you to work safely.

As a space that serves as both a technical space for cooking and an atmospheric space for entertaining, lighting and lighting control is critical in the kitchen. As with any space, we can break down kitchen lighting how-to into three main categories: ambient, task and accent. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need and where.

Ambient lighting is the base layer that makes a room usable. As in other rooms, this is generally lighting that originates from the ceiling. Recessed lighting is the current reigning trend, but you can also look to flushmount fixtures or even track or rail systems.

Under cabinet lighting is just one small way to appropriately illuminate your kitchen. You’ll also want to consider filling your kitchen with light from a pendant or chandelier, recessed lighting or a ceiling fan with an integrated light kit. A mix of fixtures for the space can help tie its design together. And if you need a pendant to shine light above your counters, look to the selection of island lighting. Island pendants and linear chandeliers take on a rectangular shape to provide a spread of light over kitchen counters. Lastly, control the light output of your under cabinet system by placing it on a dimmer switch.

Under cabinet lighting works well in kitchens that already have a significant source of light from a combination of wall lamps and ceiling lights. These under cabinet designs simply complement your existing kitchen light fixtures and help to illuminate counter spaces with a source of bright, LED-powered light. Under cabinet systems like the Legrand Adorne Under Cabinet Lighting System allow you to easily update your existing lighting scheme with functional light from a variety of cohesive fixtures and accessories. There’s even a Tablet Cradle available for you to place your iPad or other device when testing out a new recipe. Or, consider a complete under cabinet system from WAC. Similar to Legrand’s system, WAC provides everything you need to illuminate your counters. And finally, look to Tech Lighting’s collection for sleek, contemporary fixtures that complement the modern kitchen.

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Whether you are eating breakfast or balancing the checkbook, kitchen ceiling lights are a sure way to brighten up your table. Chandelier light fixtures and pendants for the kitchen come in a variety of sizes and shapes too, ranging from smaller designs for the breakfast nook to robust pieces to gracefully hang over the dining table. If you have an island in your space, track lighting and monorail systems can add some much needed style over an otherwise flat, uninteresting surface. Or, consider stringing together multiple mini pendant lights to provide a much-appreciated amount of illumination. And, if the days get a little too hot, why not combine the functionality of a light and a fan together with a ceiling fan with an integrated light kit. Ceiling fans help keep the room fresh (especially helpful in the kitchen) and most are able to operate all year long. Finally, if your kitchen has limited ceiling-to-floor height, you’ll appreciate the selection of flushmounts and recessed lighting, which nestle up against the base of the ceiling.

And if you are having trouble moving power around in the ceiling, a track or monorail system will work. The trick here is making sure the lights do not create too much glare. Look to ones with a wide beam spread instead of a narrow spotlight to keep the light from looking like an art gallery.

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View All Kitchen Lighting Lumens Lighting Planner 3 Ways to Light a Kitchen Island Lighting Options for Low Ceilings How to Choose Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Kitchen Under Cabinet & Under Counter Lighting at

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When using recessed lighting, always check the recommended spacing with your ceiling height and the power of the unit being used.

For islands and peninsulas, you want to select fixtures that scale correctly to the workspace. Look to leave clearance on each exposed side of the work surface to ensure you don’t to knock your head into it. A general rule of clearance is 30 to 36 inches between the surface and fixture, but this can be adjusted based on your height or the diameter of the fixture.

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Undercabinet lights also provide a nice ambiance and work as a kitchen night light to save you from stubbed toes on your way to a midnight snack.

As important as it is to select the right lighting fixtures, you won’t get very far without the correct lighting controls as well. Switches are great—but dimmers are better, and should be used where possible to best control the lighting to any task happening in the space.

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Whether your kitchen is brilliantly modern or modestly traditional, the lighting in this assortment aim to fit their way into any style of kitchen. In classic kitchens decorated with traditional decor items, you’ll love the options from Kichler and ELK Lighting. Transitional kitchens benefit from Feiss, including well-designed flushmounts, pendants and sconces. Consider pendants from Bocci for an eye-catching look and if you love that expertly modern appeal, you’ll want to take a look at Tech Lighting or LBL. Lastly, to achieve an energy efficient kitchen, be sure to see the LED kitchen lighting available. LED light fixtures are eco-friendly, long-lasting and bright, making them an ideal choice for kitchens.

When choosing fixtures, see if the fixture itself is dimmable, and ensure you select a dimmer that will function with it.

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