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Kitchen Lighting Ideas Four Top Tips House And Garden

Kitchen Lighting Ideas Four Top Tips House And Garden Kitchen Lighting Ideas Four Top Tips House And Garden

Industrial-style pendants add contrast above the kitchen island in a traditional home. They balance out an ultra-femme room.

If you want to add some color but are afraid to go too bold, try a mobile. It will liven up a neutral kitchen without overpowering it.

Contrast a rustic, wood kitchen with glass pendants. It’ll brighten up the space and keep it feeling modern.

Need to brighten up your kitchen? Paint lanterns white inside to reflect more light.

“Smart” homes are the wave of the future. You can preset and administer lighting in all rooms of the house through one centralized computer network, all through a computerized keypad. “The biggest advantage of smart systems is the high level of control,” says Randall, who recommends this option for new houses, but cautions that it can be quite expensive for a remodel.

“You can preset a large number of scenes and turn on lights in any room of the house from your car or your bedroom.”Just as the layers of lighting are combined in a variety of ways, so are the methods of controlling them.

According to Randall, homeowners are typically use four-scene presets in all of main rooms, including the living room, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom. Standard switchers and dimmers are usually used in the secondary rooms, such as children’s bedrooms, bathrooms, the basement playroom and the office.

The best part is that your lighting options just keep expanding.

Lanterns are a classic fixture but still feel modern when hung in an unexpected place, like in the kitchen. Pick a finish for the lantern’s interior that works with your decor style.

“Task lighting is what people think of first when designing a lighting system in the kitchen because it’s integral to preparing food,” says Joe Rey-Barreau, director of education for the American Lighting Association.

“However, if task lighting is misplaced it can actually hinder your ability to work efficiently, throwing shadows on your workspace.”

If you want an eye-catching piece in your kitchen, you need a statement chandelier. Even though this one is massive, it doesn’t feel obtrusive, due to the minimal design and clean, open framework.

According to Randall, ambient lighting is an important layer that is often overlooked in the kitchen. “This indirect lighting is what I like to call the humanizing ingredient to any lighting design,” says the designer.

“It softens the lines and shadows on people’s faces and creates a warm inviting glow in the room.” Design by Beth Haley.

A chandelier is peak glam. Make it a gold one and live your fanciest life.

If you want to update your cooking space without shelling out serious money, you’ve come to the right place. Lighting is an easy way to make a big difference in your kitchen. These fixtures will make a statement, enhance your existing design, and brighten up your kitchen without costing you a fortune. That way you can save those dolla dolla bills for the things that really matter, like having that bounce castle at your wedding.

If you want a neutral metal, choose steel. It works in basically any decor style.

If you’re already feeling your existing lighting, you can still update it by rearranging your grouping. An L-shape feels cool and unexpected.

30 Breakfast Nooks That Are Easy Like Sunday Morning (To Create)

According to Randall Whitehead, a lighting designer in San Francisco, and author of Residential Lighting: A Practical Guide., the most effective lighting for the kitchen involves four layers blended together: task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting.

The end result: a warm and inviting environment that works with your other design elements to create a practical workspace and lively entertainment area. Design by Joel Snayd

These silver orbs/wannabe disco balls are the cool kitchen upgrade you never knew you needed. They’re unexpected, but totally rad.

This is how you create the ultimate mic-drop moment in your kitchen. Bonus points if you DIY this from your backyard.

Tie your kitchen together by matching your pendants to your backsplash. It can add even more color and liven it up.

How do you make a white kitchen less basic? We’re all about that brass.

A trio of pendants look clean over an island. Farmhouse decor goals.

A natural texture like rattan is ideal for a coastal kitchen. Even if you don’t actually live by the sea, you can decorate like you do.

Bored of your traditional kitchen? Geometric pendants to the rescue.

Pops of yellow wake up a breakfast nook. It’s like a jolt of energy before you’ve even had your first sip of coffee.

Mixing metals feels cool and perfectly imperfect. If you’ve got stainless appliances, try brass pendants.

A globe lantern makes this colorful kitchen feel exotic. Even though the space is small, it still has an impact.

The drawback of dimmers and switches is that while it’s easy for you to enter a room and tinker with the light levels, it’s equally easy for children, grandparents and guests to take the same liberties.

If your budget allows, you may want to consider a “scene” integration system that allows you to preset, typically, four different lighting levels. (For example, daytime, food preparation, dinner and evening entertaining.

)According to Joe, a standard scene integrator that is hardwired into your electrical system and controlled by a switch plate with a limited number of scene choices will run under $1,000. Of course, more scenes and a higher level of technology are available — for a price.

Balance rustic and modern with industrial hanging pendants. They can also help ground an all-white kitchen.

According to Joe, key locations for task lighting include underneath the overhead cabinets and over the island — anywhere you’ll be chopping, slicing and reading recipes. The pantry is another place where you’ll want bright, focused lighting.

The kitchen used to be strictly for food preparation and children who were not to be seen or heard. Now, floor plans are more open and parties often flow from the living room through the dining room and into the kitchen.

“Ambient lighting will attract people into the kitchen and make them feel welcome while eating appetizers and sipping wine at the island,” says Randall. Ambient lighting fixtures may include flush-mounted ceiling fixtures, a pendant hanging over the island and adjustable track lighting.

“Accent lighting is the least common layer in the kitchen, but it is becoming more common as people spend more time in the kitchen for casual entertaining,” says Joe. You may want to hang a piece of artwork on the wall behind the breakfast table, or a tile splashback over the sink may be a decorative focal point.

Occasionally, Randall installs lighting inside glass cabinets to illuminate collections of china and glassware. Design by Roger Zierman.

The idea behind a layered lighting design is to have a variety of light levels available at your fingertips. “Dimmers and switches are the most economical way to coordinate lighting levels,” Joe says. “For about $20 per layer, you’re able to do most anything to modulate the mood and environment.

” Randall recommends implementing zones, wherein each layer of lighting is on a different dimmer for easy adjustability. Design by Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey

If you use a lot of color in your kitchen, add contrast with brass pendants. They’re neutral without looking boring or cheap.

With a pineapple lantern and bright yellow wallpaper, it’s tropical vibes all around. It might be a bit much for a dining room, but it’s ideal for a breakfast nook.

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Decorative lighting should be considered in direct proportion to the size of your kitchen — the larger the space, the greater importance chandeliers, hanging pendants and other eye-catching fixtures play.

“There are two major considerations when it comes to decorative lighting,” Randall says. “You want to make sure that the scale of the fixtures is right for the space, and that the shade material has enough opacity to effectively hide the light bulb.

“Decorative lighting is the most expensive element of your lighting design scheme. If you’re on a tight budget, Randall recommends installing the infrastructure for decorative lighting — the junction box and/or recessed box in the ceiling — then, purchasing the actual fixture down the road.

Lighting your kitchen doesn’t need to be a complex matter, but it is layered. “The most common mistake people make is trying to light their entire kitchen with one fixture centered in the ceiling,” says Randall.

“It ends up being what I call a ‘glare bomb,’ visually overpowering everything in the space, including family and friends.”

Under-cabinet lights can be a hidden asset in any kitchen, providing task lighting as well as soft ambient lighting to give the room a warm glow with the touch of a dimmer switch. Strip lights are a popular choice, long linear bulbs or a string of lights contained in a single fixture.

Another popular option is a puck light system, made up of a series of hockey-puck shaped halogen lights.

Track lighting, up-lighters, directional eyeball lights and wall sconces are all accent fixtures. Randall recommends recessed adjustable low voltage fixtures to highlight artwork. The MR16 bulbs often used in these fixtures come in a variety of beam spreads.

If the diameter of the art changes, a simple change of bulb will be all that is needed to illuminate the new art.

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Use a pendant to add a subtle vintage feel. Though longer ones work over kitchen islands, this short hanging pendant is perfect over a kitchen sink.

People will think you bought them at a Moroccan bazaar. (But no one has to know that you actually didn’t.)

In a clean-lined kitchen, pendants add an industrial edge. Up the vibe even more with black nailhead bar stools.

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