Le Klint Danish Design Lamp Shades Your Lamp Shade At

tech lighting Le Klint Danish Design Lamp Shades Your Lamp Shade At

tech lighting Le Klint Danish Design Lamp Shades Your Lamp Shade At

Incl new lampshade holmegaard le klint denmark blue glass table lamp design esben klint danish mid century lighting
Incl new lampshade holmegaard le klint denmark blue glass table lamp design esben klint danish mid century lighting
Stiligahem se the versatile table wall lamp no lk306 kiplampen was designed
Here you will find the wide range of the world famous original hand folded le klint lampshades and lamps and accessories produced at the factory in denmark
Find the right shade
Designed by danish architect and designer kaare klint in 1944 the paper shade of the lantern diffuses a multidirectional and non glaring light
If you are to place a frame in one of the large le klint shades
Danish mid century modern lamp by kaare klint for le klint model le klint no 306 kip lamp designed by kaare klint in 1945 with its tilt function obtains
Here you will find the wide range of the world famous original hand folded le klint lampshades and lamps and accessories produced at the factory in denmark
Le klint lampshades le klint lamps are the epitome of classic danish lighting design at
The beautiful sinus lamp by le klint paper art design
Le klints gorgeous folded lamps shine bright at copenhagen design week inhabitat green design innovation architecture green building
Incl new lampshade holmegaard le klint denmark blue glass table lamp design esben klint danish mid century lighting
Le klint white wave pendant light
Le klints gorgeous folded lamps shine bright at copenhagen design week inhabitat green design innovation architecture green building
Unique combination of le klints traditional craftsmanship and modern design
Vintage table lamp model 307 by le klint 1980s
181 by le klint
Arc pendant lamp by manér studio for le klint as seen at imm cologne 2018
Le klint 172xl pendant

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Le Klint Wall lamp (designed by Philip Bro Ludvigsen) number LK-210 (Use model 2, 17 cm in side length) 

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Le Klint table lamp model 376/17cm, 378//21cm, 306/21cm, 314/17cm, 307/23cm, 375/17cm, 377/21cm, 305/, 320/19cm, 308//27cm, 344/27cm, 305A/23cm, 305B/23cm, 312/17cm, 313/17cm.Le Klint Wall lamp model 211/17cm, 306/21cm.Le Klint Floor lamp model 370/19cm, 340/21cm, 323/21cm, 321/21cm, 399//21cm, 322/38cm, 372/21cm.

Le Klint lampshade model 2 is available in the following sizes:

Le Klint is widely known for its pleated lampshades that are unique in their stylish look and tight design. Pleated lampshade are almost synonymous with Le Klint and are easily reconisable in any room. The production of these beautiful shades are a craft that is cared for and they are still handfolded in Denmark, because a special touch is needed to fold the shades and it takes a long time and effort to master this.

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Le Klint lampshades are classics and just as popular today as they were when the first lampshade were produced for the first time. The practical white pleated lampshades in plastic are easy to clean and will last for many years. A Le Klint lampshade is timeless and fits both old as well as new lamps.Model 1 – which is almost identical to the very first Le Klint lampshade that was folded by P.V. Jensen Klint in 1901 – with the characteristic collar at the top is the most sold Le Klint lampshade. Also model 2 without collar is popular, especially for very stylish lamps, where model 2 seems more feminine than model 1.Model 6 is mainly used for the famous Le Klint wood wall lamps. It is known by the more narrow and slightly upturned collar compared to model 1. Le Klint lampshade model 12 is used for floor lamps, where you have to use a holder to mount the lampshade on the lamp itself. Model 12 is provided with an elastic strap at the top of the shade which expands slightly when the shade is mounted on the holder. The holder consists of two parts, an upper part sitting on the outside of the lampshade and a lower part, which is mounted on the lamp socket. The holder is available in several colours, depending on which floor lamp, the shade has to be used for. Many customers have an old floor lamp in their home, which require a new lampshades and therefore in many cases it is not necessary to buy a new holder, only a new lampshades. Therefore you can buy model 12 lampshade with or without holder.Le Klint lampshades model 16 and 17 is not quite as famous as the above mentioned lampshades, but they are often used for floor lamps or table lamps. 

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Le Klint wall lamp (tree lamp) turned down – model number 334 (Use model 2, 21 cm in side length)  and 335 (Use model 2, 17 cm in side length) These wall lamps are very popular and has been it for many years. After many years the shades can fade a bit, but if you buy a new original lampshade, your Le Klint wall lamp will be a new again – Classic Danish Design – always modern…

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Le Klint lamp shade model 2 was designed by Tage Klint. The classic model 2 can be used for almost all kind of lamps, because you can used different stands for it. This means that the lampshade will probably fit exactly your lamp too. 

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The shades were originally folded in paper, but are now folded in plastic, which has many practical advantages over paper like being much easier to clean.

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Le Klint Pleated lampshades – Model 2 – Designed by Tage Klint

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Side length Diameter bottom Le Klint Stands fits to the following sizes: 14 cm 26 cm 404A, 401A, model 3, 17 cm 29cm 404A, 401A, 403, model 3, 19 cm 33 cm 404A, 401A, 403, model 3, 21 cm 35 cm 406A, 401A, 403, model 3 and 408 23 cm 38 cm 406A, 401A, 403, model 3 and 408 25 cm 39 cm 406A, 403, model 3 and 408 27 cm 40 cm 406A, 403, 408 30 cm 44 cm 406A, 403, 408 35 cm 50 cm 406A, 403, 408 38 cm 55 cm 406A, 403, 408 See also the video: How to fit the loose Le Klint pleated lampshade on stand.

Le Klint lampshade model 2 fits the following lamps:  

Please add the requested items to the basked. After your have typed your name and address. The system will inform you of possible freight alternatives, as well as cost each type. – Before you proceed to make payment.  

Le Klint table lamp (designed by Philip Bro Ludvigsen) number LK-210 (Use model 2, 17 cm in side length)

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The following Le Klint lamps use lampshade model 2: (we stated the number of the Le Klint lamp / size of lampshade)

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Please see the video – guide – How to place the shade frame in your new Le Klint shade.

Le Klint Danish Design Lamp Shades Your Lamp Shade At