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Lb72132 led flush mount ceiling lighting oval antique brushed nickel 32 inch 3000k warm white 2800 lumens energy star amazon com
Led flush mount ceiling light geometry and minimalism the pi 12 inch led flush mount featuring
Led flushmount
Elegant led ceiling lights 2x4 led panel light 60w 6600 lumens eledlights
Elin chrome 15 square frosted glass led ceiling light 6d218 lamps plus

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Led Ceiling Lights Led Ceiling Lamps And Fixtures At Lumens.

Homeowners, whom are searching for the perfect illumination device for their home, have ample choices. However, ceiling light fittings could be the best decision, since these items can be used for both practical and decorative purposes.

Pendants are another good lane to create a soft light that set a design topic in a room as well. Pendants are a great convention to light a kitchen, office of dining nook.

There are countless options when it comes to switching out your existing lights, including: ceiling fixtures , recessed lighting, pendant lighting, chandeliers, avenue lighting, under cabinet lighting, wall sconces, wall furnishings.

One good form of ceiling lighting. Is the Recessed may light. This is very versital and can be used for task lighting, accent lighting or task lighting. Recessed lights have most variations in baffles and lenses. The many common type is your standard baffle trim. The baffle provides ambiant room lighting. You may create task lighting with the cans by adding a spot also commonly known as an eyeball. You may focus the light with these on a area to creating a working place or you should high light a piece of artwork or furniture.

Chandeliers are another great form of ceiling lighting. Chandeliers are used for more general lighting. They are great for spreading light over a large area . A Chandelier is used more to set a design topic and create a focal point in a room. prominent areas for use are in a entry, living room or dining room. They also have become a favored of designers to class up a larger bathroom. The have used mini chandeliers to give that boring bathroom some roadway and class.

Ceiling light fixtures are some of the most generally used lighting furnishings throughout your home. Ceilings lights should be used in almost each room and in almost any application. They can be used to accent a piece of furniture or art work. Or it should be used as task lighting for everyday tasks.

Choosing the right ceiling light for your home can dictate a design topic or it may mash into your. existent decor All the kindling manufactures hold centred a deal of attending on this typecast of ignition so in that location are many choices and designs to choose from. The greatest place to outset is recognizes what type of lighting you are looking for for what ever it be tax lighting or if is release to be secondhand as ambient firing

The the highest prominent form of ceiling lighting is the basic dome light also know as a flush mount ceiling light. These are good for basic lighting of a petite room. These do not provide much task lighting it is primarily used to for basic lighting needs. many lighting manufactures have many sizes of these and the the highest prominent ones have anywhere from 1 to 3 light bulbs.

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Description: The Axo Light Fedora LED Multi-Light Linear Suspension features seven pendants capped with polished metal exteriors, partially revealing the delicate lozenge pattern of the interior glass diffusers.

The polished metal structure helps to shield the interior light sources, focusing functional …

Energy efficiency can be achieved for your home with the use of an LED ceiling light. Ceiling light fixtures with an integrated LED light source are environmentally friendly and are proven to be long-lasting and cost-efficient. Control mood lighting with your ceiling lights by placing them on a dimmer switch. Dimmer controls and switches are easy to install and you will notice an immediate impact to the overall character of your space. Lastly, consider layering the amount of light in any given room by pairing your ceiling lights with equally stunning wall lights.

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Description: A shining example of modern art paired with functional light. The fluorescent lamps within the Leucos Laguna P60 Delta Ceiling/Wall Combo glow through a fractured panel of White or Amber glass inlaid with sparkling gold leaf and glass beads.


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Things are looking up. Overhead lights are among the most popular and versatile lighting, and nothing is gaining ground in the lighting world more quickly than LED technology. This versatile light source lends LED ceiling lights customization options that are seldom realized with incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs; many LEDs are dimmable (a desirable feature in many ceiling lights), and choices abound in color temperature and even color-changing options. Plus, LEDs can fit into designs that larger bulbs can’t, so the design possibilities are almost limitless.

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Cable: L 157.48″ Fixture: H 25.6″, Dia 38.6″ Suspension: L Adj To 183″

Description: Modernity and minimalism personified. The Dyna Linear Suspension by Tech Lighting is a contemporary and rudimentary lighting fixture. Made of Acrylic, this piece features a linear silhouette that hangs effortlessly from the ceiling.

Once in use, its integrated LED engine …

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Offering energy efficiency and longevity, modern LED ceiling lights have applications from acting as a grand chandelier in the living room to gracing the island in the kitchen, recessed bath lighting over sinks and showers to bedroom flushmounts and much more. LED ceiling light fixtures provide ambient illumination or can function as spotlights, all while reducing energy consumption and costs in a bright, effective manner. And low profile LED lighting is ideal in spaces with limited ceiling height — bedrooms, laundry rooms, closet areas and more. In almost any space, the energy savings and modern style of an LED ceiling lamp will be much-appreciated.

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Ceiling lights are able to fit a variety of interior design styles. From contemporary ceiling lights to transitional and traditional ceiling lamps, there is a ceiling light guaranteed to fit your home’s decor. In retro-styled spaces, you will want to see the mid-century modern ceiling lights from chic designer Jonathan Adler, including his signature Sputnik Chandelier and Meurice Chandelier. Or, choose an iconic Saucer Pendant from the Goerge Nelson Bubble Lamp collection. Like Jonathan Adler’s fixtures, lamps from George Nelson carry a decidedly retro look your home will love. In rooms where a luxury piece is a necessity, look to the statement-making crystal chandeliers from Schonbek Lighting. Above the dining table or in the entryway, a Swarovski crystal-studded chandelier from Schonbek makes a stunning presence. Wrought iron ceiling lights from Hubbardton Forge put high-quality, hand-forged design on display and if you like the organic look of a wood ceiling light, look to the veneer pendants and chandeliers from LZF. Finally, for more transitional colors and finishes, take a look at the variety of chandeliers, low profile ceiling lights and pendants from Visual Comfort.

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Description: The Tech Lighting Mini Hudson Pendant pairs an uncomplicated form with rich color. The cylindrical glass shade provides both bright downlighting and warm ambience. Includes a 6-foot field-cuttable cable cord for length preference.

Line several Mini Hudson Pendants in a …

If you are already choosing an LED fixture, chances are you have taken energy efficiency into account. A common misconception of LEDs is they are strikingly bright and only available in cool color temperatures. While you will find plenty of options with cool LEDs, you’ll also notice LED fixtures with warm, ambient illumination. You will need to choose a ceiling light that will meet your intended lighting purpose. Next, determine the size of ceiling fixtures you’ll need. Look to common dimensions like height, width, diameter and suspension length to help you make the best choice. Finally, find ceiling lamps in colors and finishes that blend in well with your existing decor’s palette. If you have any questions about the LED ceiling lights featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

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LED Ceiling Lights | LED Ceiling Lamps & Fixtures at Lumens.com

Cable: L 72″ Canopy: Dia 8″ Fixture: W 40″ Maximum Hanging: L Adj To 75″ Shade: L 40″, W 0.75″, H 0.75″

Description: Discover the sweet spot between form and function with a Hexacomb P8218 LED Linear Suspension by George Kovacs. Its cluster of hexagonal shapes featuring a matte finish and frosted acrylic creates a buzz among modern design enthusiasts.

With an oblong …

As it casts ambient light downward from the uppermost point of a space, ceiling lighting is an essential component in the layering of interior lighting in most rooms including kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Ceiling light fixtures pair with the lighting provided by portable lamps and wall sconces to offer comprehensive illumination. However, ceiling lights can also be useful in areas where other light fixtures would be inconvenient, such as with kitchen lighting (where counter space is often at a premium) or with hallway lighting where the area is often narrow. In grand entryways, ceiling lights can become a conversation piece for your guests, while a luxury-exuding chandelier is the centerpiece over the dining table and a cluster of mini pendants makes the kitchen island welcoming for friends and family. In the bedroom, flush ceiling lights serve a functional purpose while also offering significant style and you will love the selection of recessed lighting for rooms where ceiling height is limited. Wherever you may need a ceiling light in your home, you will find the perfect option in this assortment.

Designs can range from avant-garde LED pendant lights to more traditional flushmounts that benefit from an LED update. The versatility of LED fixtures allows them to be placed in different areas of the home celebrating a wide variety of interior decorating styles. From traditional homes with classic elements of decoration to those spaces with ultra-modern furniture, the addition of an LED ceiling light is guaranteed to fit in and round out the look of the space. Tech Lighting offers options to fit in contemporary or transitional spaces, in a range of ceiling light types. Superbly modern rooms will appreciate the fixtures from Moooi and look to Rich Brilliant Willing for something truly unique to install on your ceiling. There’s an LED ceiling light fixture for every room and every aesthetic.

Cable: L 120″ Canopy: W 13.8″, H 2″, D 4.5″ Fixture: W 50″, H 0.75″, D 0.75″ Maximum Hanging: L Adj To 120.75″

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When it comes to dimming an LED fixture, you will want to see the line of contemporary dimmers and light switches from Legrand Adorne. Legrand offers a unique selection of wall plates, outlets and dimming switches to ensure you have a cohesive design throughout your space. Most LED fixtures have the capability of being dimmed, but you’ll want to double check any fixture you’re interested in. If you love the sleek chandeliers featured in this collection, you may also want to see all of the modern chandeliers available. From large chandeliers to those embedded with Swarovski crystals, you’re sure to find an option you’ll love. And while you’re upgrading the lighting in your home, consider refreshing your furniture too. From new pieces for the dining room and kitchen to those items that complete the bedroom’s look and feel, you’ll find just what you need.

Cable: L 157″ Canopy: H 4.3″, Dia 5.1″ Fixture: H 20.9″, Dia 28.3″ Suspension: L Adj To 177.9″

The Leucos Lighting Planet 65 Ceiling/Wall Combo creates …

Ceiling lights are available in numerous sizes and it is important for you to understand where the fixture is going to be placed. Do you have a lot of ceiling real estate? If so, you will like a chandelier or pendant light. If not, you will find recessed lighting (sometimes referred to as can lights or high hat lights) or flush mount lighting to be more beneficial for a low clearance solution. When shopping for new ceiling lights, be sure to view the sizing dimensions to properly gauge the fixture’s width, height and cable suspension length. You’ll also need to appropriately measure the area of the ceiling where you plan to install a new fixture. If you are replacing an existing ceiling lamp, simply gather its measurements to find the most appropriate size. And choose the styles, colors and finishes that will fit in seamlessly with the rest of your home’s decor. Lastly, review the fixture’s light bulb requirement to be prepared with bulbs at installation. If you have any questions about the ceiling lights featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

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Fixture: L 64″, H 1.8″, Wgt 4.6 Lbs. Maximum Hanging: L Adj From 6″, Adj To 118″

Canopy: H 1.7″, Dia 6.5″ Fixture: H 2″, Dia 30.4″, To 146″, Wgt 15 Lbs.

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Look to LED recessed lighting as a great solution for hard-to-reach high ceilings where the use of long-lived LEDs require much less frequent replacement. Keep in mind you will need to choose the right housing to appropriately accommodate your LED trims too. And consider pairing your ceiling lighting with equally stylish wall lights to appropriately layer the amount of . LED wall sconces offer the same energy efficiency as these ceiling fixtures and will splash personality on your bare walls.

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LED is a welcomed choice of lighting for nearly any room of the house or in commercial locations like hotels, hospitals, restaurants and educational facilities. Ceiling lights and wall lights powered with LED technology are guaranteed to keep things bright and energy efficient while saving you money over time. Consider adding an LED-powered suspension over the dining room table or LED recessed lighting in areas with high, hard-to-reach ceilings. Due to the lifespan of the integrated LED, you won’t have to worry about changing the bulb in the fixture for a very, very long time. Entryway and open foyer areas brighten with welcoming personality thanks to LED pendants and chandeliers. They are friendly to the environment and on the eyes of the guests entering your home. Layer the amount of lighting in any given space with LED sconces and wall-mounted fixtures, and consider an LED desk or task lamp for the home office. If you’re up buring the midnight oil, the brightness of the lamp will keep you on track. And if you need to brighten up the outdoor living areas of your home, look to the LED landscape lighting available. From bright bollards and path lights to fixtures you can use on the deck or patio, you’ll be sure to appreciate the assortment.

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Today’s advanced LEDs are long-lasting, dimmable, available in both warm and cool light colors and, of course, extremely energy efficient. LED stands for “light emitting diode” and, though the name sounds quite technical, the benefits of using LED lighting are crystal clear. These energy-friendly fixtures present a number of advantages over incandescent light sources that include a longer lifespan, greater durability and, most importantly, they consume 75% less energy. Consider any of these modern LED lights to refresh your home.

Up high or down low, there is virtually no limit to the decorative and stylish impact a ceiling light can provide, as well as the ample illumination it can provide. A ceiling light’s transformative capabilities in a room are undeniable. Sparkling, multi-tiered chandeliers turn dark and dreary entryways or foyers into grand, welcoming spaces. Flush mount lighting and semi-flush ceiling light fixtures brighten hallways, living rooms and bedrooms with low ceilings while a linear suspended ceiling fixture provides overhead task lighting for kitchen counters, dining tables and even the billiard table. Pendant lights hang gracefully anywhere in the home and directional spotlights give you the opportunity to highlight your favorite works of art and family photos. And the best part? In addition to providing functional lighting, these modern ceiling lights are fixtures that can establish any room’s sense of decor and more importantly, your sense of style.

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Modernity and minimalism personified. The Dyna Linear Suspension …

As with any light fixture, choosing an LED light fixture depends on your aesthetic preference and the size of the fixture you need for your space, as well as colors, finishes and important features. First, decide where you’re in need of lighting in your home. Larger LED ceiling lights work well in dining rooms, open living rooms and kitchens, while an LED desk lamp makes for the perfect companion in compact offices. And not all LEDs are created equal — you’ll find each fixture carries a different level of brightness and color hue based on the color temperature of the LED inside. You will want to select warmer LEDs for general, ambient illumination and bright, cool temperature LEDs for focused light output. Take a look at our guide to understanding lumens to get a better idea of the brightness you can expect from a particular LED-infused light fixture. Next, opt for colors and finishes of fixtures that will best blend in with your existing decor. Or, you can choose colors that will help give a room its personality. If you have any questions about the LED light fixtures and lamps featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

LED technology has made giant strides in the last few years, with huge advances in quality, design and durability. Today’s LEDs offer so many benefits…they’re dimmable, energy efficient, silent, long lasting and available in many light color temperatures, both warm and cool. While the initial price of LED lighting may be higher, when comparing the lifetime of these bulbs and fixtures to that of incandescent or even fluorescent bulbs, the benefits far outweigh the cost. Believe it or not, many of the LEDs made back in the 1970s and ’80s are still in operation today!

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Cable: L 98.4″ Canopy: H 1.6″, Dia 9.8″ Fixture: L 53.1″, W 27.6″, H 0.8″

Description: The Leucos Lighting Planet 65 Ceiling/Wall Combo creates visual drama with its smooth, voluptuous form and provides a layer of crisp illumination. The Planet 65 Ceiling/Wall Combo features a White with Frosted Edge glass shade, metal body and Polished Chrome .


Streamlined style. The Modern Forms Davos LED Suspension …

While highly modern in their design and ingenuity, these LED fixtures can appeal to a number of interior decorating themes. As a leader in bath and outdoor fixtures, Modern Forms is a go-to brand for the best in LED. With sleek shapes, sharp lines and the latest in energy-saving technology, Modern Forms has a selection of products perfect for any application. Casual areas of the home benefit from WAC Lighting’s LED recessed trims and housings. These low profile fixtures are optimal for rooms with tall ceilings and for those where you don’t have much real estate on the ceiling. Keep air flowing in the house with an LED-powered ceiling fan from Fanimation. These ultra-modern designs even feature Bluetooth technology to make controlling the fan a breeze. Artemide combines its collection of Italian-made designs with LED technology to deliver a wide variety of fixtures to choose from. Finally, if you’re shoppping for a portable lamp, you’ll want to check out the offering from Koncept.

Canopy: W 24″, H 0.75″, D 5.75″ Fixture: W 40″, H 16.75″, D 12″ Maximum Hanging: L Adj To 60.75″

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Description: The upgrade your interior has been waiting for. The Lithonia Lighting Meshback LED Directional Spotlight adds a touch of depth and balance to any existing lighting structure as it projects high-quality, warm white light to accentuate displays, bars and table .


Description: Streamlined style. The Modern Forms Davos LED Suspension blends cutting-edge technology with a dramatic silhouette. The shade is an artful arc of aluminum, long and slim, giving Davos an aerodynamic look.

A stylish automotive-gloss finish reinforces the fixture’s slick impression. …

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18 inch Diameter 24 inch Diameter 30 inch Diameter 36 inch Diameter

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