Soft flowing curves giving a deep recess for glare free soft ambient lighting for use with standard cap led lamps
Tornado lighting model tf16 shallow recessed flush or trimless integrated plaster downlight for glare free
Led Recessed Ceiling Lights Integrated System Technologies Uk

Led Recessed Ceiling Lights Integrated System Technologies Uk Led Recessed Ceiling Lights Integrated System Technologies Uk

LED strips can be used in a wide range of fitting designs and applications. They can be used as a ceiling light in the kitchen, as integrated lighting for the staircase or for lighting objects both indoors and out. We supply LED strips with different performance classes and whites or, if desired, also in RGB colours. For outdoor use, welded IP65 LED strips are available. We can also supply LED strips which are dimmable or controllable by remote control if required.

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Wall washers offer completely new possibilities to partially or fully illuminate the outside of a building and are ideal for creating different moods and catching people’s eyes. They can also be used for lighting up billboards.

Indoor lighting High performance and efficiency (lm / W) Long lifetime Motion detector (optional) Dimmable (optional) IP 65 (type-specific)

Recessed luminaries are perfect for accentuated lighting, as is often needed in commercial applications. Whether in a display window or on the shop floor, the range of demands for lighting colours, beam angles, and applications, cause a major challenge for any lighting solution. LED recessed luminaires match these requirements particularly well since they can operate at lower temperatures, deliver infrared and ultraviolet-free light and provide higher flexibility. They also consume 80% less energy, providing quick payback periods, economical operation and reduced costs. The fittings are simple to install and maintain, and due to their low operating temperatures, they also repel dust and insects.

Whether for use as high bay lighting in industrial buildings or as a flood light for outstanding external lighting, we have the right lighting solution for your needs. For outdoor use, IP65 power lighting is protected against dust and water. We also supply floodlights with optional motion detection and intensity variation.

This makes them perfect for a warehouse setting, since the light projects precisely to where it is needed and avoids scattering losses.

E14 or GU10 Candle lights, bulbs and reflector lamps are often seen around the house and in restaurants. Replacing These LED lights is fast and easy with modern highly efficient LED alternatives which save up to 90% of the energy. We offer a huge variety of retrofit LED lights with customisation features such as colours and brightness.

Especially in a shop area, product displays change more frequently. Here you need a flexible lighting system that adapts to the changing requirements, such as differing light positions, surfaces and colours. Although gimballed downlights can be adapted to a certain extent, in many cases it is still not enough For this purpose, standardized light strip systems are used, in which the bulbs are moved or replaced quickly and simply. Specially designed lamps can also provide either surface or spot lighting. Furthermore, the tracking lights can be supplied with supplementary lenses for special illumintions, such as in a museum.

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Ideal for Exhibition and retail settings Low maintenance and long lasting Economical with quick payback period Less heat dissipation Optional dimming function and adjustable lens systems

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Round or square Decorative lighting Bright Dimmable (optional) TÜV certified

Recently, a new product has established itself in the lighting market: the linear light. Whether to bring fresh design to an office or home, or for use in schools or high-shelf applications, through their linear design this product offers a better light distribution than alternative fittings.

Object and external lighting Motion detector (optional) Dimmable (optional) IP 65 (type-specific)

Talk to us to find out more! Our tracking lights can be fitted for even more applications.

Whether they’re been installed warehouses, industrial buildings, schools, parking decks or agricultural settings, our LED tubes deliver reliable, flexible, long-lasting and bright lighting. Furthermore, they can be as much as 50% more energy efficient than fluorescent tubes. LED tubes also operate in a broad temperature range, making them well suited to operating conditions in a chiller display or a refrigerated storage house. We exclusively supply fluorescent tubes with single sided feed in, increasing their fault tolerance and making them safer to install.

Originally, there were only really 2 alternatives to traditional sodium highbay lights. One resembled the original design, with a similar reflector. while the other alternative was a “cornlight”. Nowadays a huge variety of different highbays (modular matrix systems, canopy lights and UFO lights) are available, providing application-specific features and improved payback.

LED Lighting for specific environments Damp-proof luminaires IP 65 Certified

With high energy efficiency, value for money, durability and operational advantages around heat dissipation and dust resistance, there is no doubt that LEDs will become the dominant technology in the commercial sector. What’s more due to the increasing power of LED chips and their improving efficiency our designers and lighting experts are able to continually develop new and creative lighting designs.

Mood lighting Aluminium end caps for optimalheat conduction High brightness

LED Lighting Products UK We provide tailored LED lighting solutions to industrial, commercial and public sectors, using our wide range of top quality components.

Interior & Exterior Applications Available in various whites or RGB colours Dimmable and controllable (optional)

Where light quality and uniformity is most important, LED panels provide a perfect and more creative alternative to traditional fittings. LED panels uniformly illuminate an area with a variable light intensity and long durability. They can be used in a wide range of settings, including offices, commercial buildings, doctor’s surgeries and hotels. And because they are highly energy efficient, they cost very little to run and maintain.

LEDs are particularly well suited for street lighting. With bright light, high energy efficiency and long durability, LEDs consume 80% less energy than traditional alternatives, offer significantly lower maintenance costs and deliver excellent reliability. Non-dimmable LED’s and individually manufactured LED matrices guarantee excellent lighting quality for streets, driveways, alleys and parking areas. In many cases, our LED street lights are compatible with modern lighting control standards.

Get in contact to find the best solution for your lighting project.     

Never has the migration to LED technology been so easy. There is a lighting solution for every domestic, business or public setting. Retrofit LEDs are designed to directly replace incumbent technologies. Just screw a state-of-the-art LED bulb into an existing fitting and start enjoying energy savings of up to 90%.

We offer a variety of lighting solutions for use in bespoke applications.

Compact design Long operational lifetime Low operating and maintenance costs Support modern lighting control standards IP 65 (applies to all LED light heads)

Resistance to environmental extremes Single-sided Power Feed-in LED Panels

Ideal for product or food illumination Low maintenance and long lasting Economical with short payback periods Low impact on cooling loads

With the use of a lens system, the effect can be further enhanced.

We offer a variety of LED products for use in more extreme environmental conditions. For example, our water resistant LED tubes are ideal for permanent installation in car parks, industrial facilities, washing systems or damp rooms. Certified to safety class IP 65, LED tubes are protected against dust and penetrating moisture.

For lighting long or narrow areas Further efficiency improvements when installed with lens attachment in the high-rack bearing Decorative lighting BrightFlexible control and dimming option Suitable for every application.

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