Turkeys Given to Needy People


Nov 18, 2015 (San Diego) It is that time of the year. Thanksgiving is here. While most of us will spend the day with family, and eat turkey and the trimmings, not everybody can afford it. In this town it is almost a tradition, and one of the favorite things Assembly Woman Lorena Gonzales (D-80) does every year. It is a holiday tradition.

Gonzalez started doing this when she was still a local union leader, when she headed the Labor Council. So this year she will, or has already, done this distribution.


This year they had large turkeys, sweet potatoes and a bag of apples. This is what they could get this year. One of the reasons is that turkeys are more expensive this year, due to bird flu that affected many flocks.

They were at National City in the morning, doing this distribution. At the Cesar Chavez Park this afternoon. Tomorrow they will be at San Ysidro and City Heights tomorrow, and Chula Vista next week.


We spoke about the need for this. Gonzalez said that she believes “that there were more people this year than last year. We are trying to serve people in their communities and that is why we have different spots.”

She added, “we don’t want people to take the buss and stand in line.” This could very well be a three hour trip on public transportation. Gonzalez added that people are doing it, so that shows there is need.

The people online included service members who have a family to feed. Many of them, especially lower ranks, draw on Cal Fresh to make it. People came, some were seniors, and some came with their children in tow.


We also asked Gonzalez about the Motor Voter bill, which will not come into force until the Department of Motor Vehicles gets all the databases in place. The money has been authorized, but they do not expect this to ready to go until after the Presidential elections of 2016.


Reporting San Diego also asked Rosa Hernandez from the Registrar why they were at this event. She said that “we want to reach out to the Latino community and remind them that the Registrar of Voters is very important because if you change address, if you get married and you change your name we have to update all that information because there are important dates to come next year (June Primary and November General Election) and we want to make sure that the Latino Community is represented. ”



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